5 Tips that will help BRIDE-TO-BE in “Rocking” her Sangeet Ceremony

5 Tips that will help BRIDE-TO-BE in “Rocking” her Sangeet Ceremony

Brides of the 21st century are breaking all the stereotypes. Gone were the days when they were just sitting and smiling while the whole family and friends are enjoying and dancing on their Sangeet ceremony. Now they take the lead in every step and then be it in choosing the designs for their Indian wedding cards or dancing their way on in their Sangeet ceremony. But as you need planning for organizing all these events, you need some planning tips for yourself too so that you can make the most of it.

Therefore, for this post we are sharing with your some tips that will help you in “rocking” your Sangeet ceremony:

1. We all know how much we appreciate those Lehengas with heavy embroidery or stonework. There is no doubt that they look absolutely amazing but they won’t allow you to dance freely. Therefore as per your choice of outfit, you can go for some lightweight bridal outfits. They are very trending and let’s not forget the ease they offer while showing your “SWAG” on the dance floor.

2. Also don’t you think that you dancing on those several feet high inch heels is a bit risky unless you are Bey once obviously. Instead of those high inches heels, you can go for sneakers or even barefoot while dancing. Also not just for dancing, you can choose flats for the rest of the ceremony as well. Indian ceremonies are long events. Bearing the pain for so long will only make you feel all annoyed and tired. So, ditch all those stilettos or high heels get all ready to “SWING”. 

3. The same thing goes with your make-up as well. You should stick to very light and breathable makeup. The last thing you want is to look all drained out and sweaty after that heavy makeup has its free fall with your dance. Also, don’t forget Indian has a very moderate climate and you will be all drained in sweat after your dance. Therefore wear light and sweat-resistant make-up that doesn’t wash away as you make your move from one song to the next. 

4. Another thing to take care of is your hairstyle. We all love open tresses as they go along with anything and look absolutely spectacular. But unfortunately, for a solo dance, try to make a half updo or pin them up using pins. You can ask the stylist to go for the hairstyle that can keep those tresses away from your face. In this manner, you look beautiful before and after the performance as well.


5. Lastly, be very particular when it comes to making the song choice. You can go for trending songs or choose any of your favorites from classics. But make sure the song goes with your personality and with the mood of the event as well. You can go for fusion as well, swinging on beats dedicated to different members of your family and for the love of your life.

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