All about Indian wedding cards

All about Indian wedding cards

Wedding cards are a heritage. It is in the culture since the medieval period—the wedding cards known as “nimantran Patra,” which means an invitation letter to a particular event. The invitation cards were used for announcing marriages, baby showers, and many more events. The sending of an invitation card is not just a process but also a ritual of Indian culture. 

Indian wedding cards are unique, and that is why they are famous across the globe. These cards are well-known because of several unique patterns put on the menu and a whole lot of names of the family hosting the event. The card is filled with fundamental elements yet very important, showing the symbol of love and affection.

Wedding cards are different as there are various religions in India and every religion has its style and color and way of representation. The wedding cards use stones and kundans and ribbons, which make them look fabulous and give aesthetic vibes to the cards, making it more appealing. Purchasing a wedding card is very business, as there are lots of points that have to be taken care of and, most notably, the card’s content because it will determine how valuable your card is to your guests.

Features of Indian wedding cards

Before, the house elders used to decide everything about the invitations, but now the bride and groom actively participate in designing their personalized wedding cards. There are some aspects based on which they determine the wedding cards-

  • Colors- Wedding cards have lots of color options like red, pink, blue, orange, and many more mixed colors that can be used as well. The colors are put in the card with several other color elements to avoid the monotonous look.
  • Design and patterns- the systems are essential as it serves the first look to the guest. The card can include several paintings or any physical material like a peacock feather, which looks very elegant. Next comes the pattern that is mainly on the inner page. Many abstract pattern options can be used to make the invitation more beautiful and elegant.
  • Information- the cards contain both English and Hindi language, so the address information section and venue details should have a very highlighting column to become easy for the guests to find. The cards’ proper layout is essential because it looks neat and clean and becomes easy to read.
  • Decoration- multiple items can be used to decorate the invitations. Some wedding cards include gold coins or silver coins, whereas some use rice and stick them on the front. The rice is the symbol of any work involving rituals and beliefs of their culture. Threads are also used to decorate the cards.

Many symbols give the card more authenticity and make it appealing for the Indian culture. Here is the list of some of the characters more frequently used-

  • Ganesha-  It is very pure and good to have god Ganesha’s symbol or photo in the card. Before any work, the saying is that one should worship the god to remove hindrance and get the blessings.
  • Kalash is a symbol having its root from the Vedic times and is known as the symbol of joy and happiness.
  • Swastik- it is the symbol of peaceful life and happiness.
  • Om- it is a letter, but the world is originated from this single letter. It shows peace and harmony and empowers one to pursue the tasks.
  • Symbol from other religions- Christians use cross symbols, which shows Jesus is with them. Moons and stars and 786 is a holy number used by Muslims. 786 is considered the number of days in which god build the world, so it is like the Ganesha symbol used before any spiritual or holy events.

The thing to know before placing an order for Indian wedding cards-

There are lots of small points which should be checked to make the invitation perfect. 

  • Error corrections- while writing the invitation card’s content, there are chances that while typing, there can be spelling errors or a word mismatch that might have happened, so check the menu before getting the full printing done.
  • Check with details- Check weather the venue and time details are proper or not. After the full printing of a single card, check if it matches the vibes of the event or not. 

Invitation cards are essential as they build your image among your relatives and friends. Cards serve as the first impression among them, and it is necessary to have a good impression as it has been said for a long time that the first impression is the last. These cards are very personal and very important for hosting any events.

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