Add “INDIAN WEDDING” Charms to your Invitation

Add “INDIAN WEDDING” Charms to your Invitation

It’s not just the design of the wedding cards that set the first impression. There are several little elements when added to wedding cards that portray a certain style. And if you’re looking for elements to add more “Indian wedding” like charms to your wedding cards, then look no further. We have shortlisted 4 elements that can be used for this:

1.Looking for something traditional and elegant? Looking for designs that are classic and constitute of traditional elements at its best? Well, we have got one for you. You can have Chaadars and paisley along with many other ornate patterns as the designs for your Indian Wedding Cards. With the traditional charms, you can have something so gorgeous to set the first impression for your wedding. These patterns are quite popular as conventional Indian patterns and look absolutely awe-inspiring.

2. Are you a music lover? Do those traditional Indian musical instruments and their intricacy entice you as well? Well, these musical instruments are quite popular choices in wedding cards as well. Indian traditions have a special place for these instruments. They are one of the best portrayals of Indian ecstasy and its deep fondness for the musical symphonies played on these instruments. You can have the traditional instruments that are mainly associated with weddings like “shehnai” or “dholak” or even have the images of Lord Krishna and Radha playing the flute. These beautiful images on your wedding invitations will add their own beauty and surely impress every person on your guest list.

3. Aren’t all of us enchanted with Indian menagerie? Those designs look good on anything, believe us on anything, from your wedding stationery to your wedding invitations. Indian menagerie like horses and camels and the images of peacock look absolutely mesmerizing. Their spectacular patterns and bold and bright colors infuse life to everything. You can easily order the wedding invitations samples online and check out for yourself. They look awe-inspiring and make you fall in love with just a sight.

4. Looking for something very simple yet unique? Well, we exactly have something store like that. Use any other Indian language like Hindi or any regional language with English if you want and believe us, this simple element has its own charms. The script in which the whole textual content of the wedding card is written is very important. So you can add some traditional flavor and use Indian languages like Hindi or Urdu for Muslim wedding invitations or Gurumukhi in case of Sikh wedding cards. if you are looking at something so elementary with the whole classic touch and that can relate more on personal levels then this is one ideal option.

5. Spiritual emblems have been an indispensable part of Indian wedding cards for so long. Weddings all over the world are considered to be one auspicious occasion and are considered incomplete without the blessings of God. Ganesha symbols, Shree symbols, Ek Omkar sign, are considered very sacred when embossed on wedding cards. Using them in wedding cards is considered very important. You can add them in your Indian wedding cards as well to infuse some traditional and spiritual charms.

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