6 Popular Ceremonies You can Witness in an Indian Wedding

6 Popular Ceremonies You can Witness in an Indian Wedding

Have you ever wondered that Indian wedding cards only constitute of three to four main events of Indian weddings. How come it is stretched for an entire week? Well, the answer is there are many pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies at an Indian wedding. Reception forms the “celebration” of the wedding on a grand level. But there is so much more to an Indian wedding, you are probably unaware of. Here is the list of some popular ceremonies of the Indian wedding:

Tilak Ceremony:

This is one of the popular pre-wedding ceremonies in India. Primarily the ceremony is organized a month before the wedding date. Now with the passage of time, people are quite flexible. The schedule of the ceremony has changed, but it still possesses the same significance.

Engagement Ceremony

As the name suggests, it is where couples get engaged. In India, this ceremony is popularly called as “sagaai”. It is the same as that of other countries wherein the couple exchange rings. It is also one of the most popular pre-wedding ceremonies. They are organized at the grand level and you can see some beautiful religious rituals as well.

Sangeet Ceremony

When talking about weddings, how can we forget Sangeet ceremony? It is one of the most “awaiting” pre-wedding ceremonies in India. Sangeet is all about dance and music. Both the families actively participate in it. So get ready to see some really groovy moves on the dance floor. Even to add more fun, there is a friendly competition as “bride’s V/S groom’s”. Family and friends from both the sides compete and it’s all fun. Primarily it was exclusively for “women”, but with the passage of time, you can see men as the active part of it. You can find a special mention of it in “Indian wedding cards”.

Mehendi Ceremony

This is one of the ceremonies where you will surely listen to the famous song of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge which goes “Mehendi lagakr rakhna”. It is one of the pre-wedding ceremonies where bride’s hands and legs are adorned with beautiful and intricate designs of henna or Mehendi. Heena is considered to be auspicious and is believed to attract good luck for brides. Indian wedding cards usually include the schedule for this ceremony.

Varmala Ceremony

Also known by the name of “Jaimala” ceremony, it is believed to be quite a signing ceremony of an Indian wedding. It is an important wedding day ceremony and constitutes of garland exchange between the groom and the bride. It is an important part of Phera ceremony wherein the bride and the groom take their vows considering “fire” as their religious witness. They take their vows while taking rounds against fire under a mandap. Then the “Vermillion and the mangalsutra ceremony” is organized.

Vidai ceremony

Vidai is where the bride has to leave the father’s house and has to embark this new journey with her “PRINCE CHARMING”. There are many rituals which are interesting enough to see. But all you can see is watery eyes of everyone for this ending and a new beginning.

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