7 Interesting Ideas to-do On the Wedding Day for Your Bride

7 Interesting Ideas to-do On the Wedding Day for Your Bride

The D-day is finally here. Looking for some interesting ideas to cheer your bride? Something that she will totally love? Something that makes her fall in love with you all over again? Well here are 7 interesting ideas to-do on the wedding day for your bride:

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1. Round the Clock Secret Love Notes

You can surprise your bride with a love note for every hour on your wedding day. You can ask the help of one of her bridesmaids. A note for when she woke up, one for breakfast, one for getting ready and so on. Remember the “special note” to read out loud when she is walking down the aisle. She is the love of your life; you can surely walk the extra mile.

2. Romantic Vows on Your Indian Wedding Cards

The wedding card is one scheduled testament of your D-day. Apart from all the designs, how about writing some really romantic vows on it and say it out loud? Yes, you can do the same and express all that you want to say, all the promises you want to make, everything.

3. Going Old School With a Love Letter

In the world of mobiles and emails, a little flair of an old-school love letter is quite romantic. You can write down the love letter and send her just before the first look. This simple gesture is absolute heart-melting and she will surely love it. Shower all your love but also include how eagerly you are waiting to “grow old with her”.

4.  A Love Confession on the Shoe Sole

What? Is that what we heard? A love confession on the shoe sole, like for real? Well yes, you can write a cute love confession on the sole of her wedding shoes. Walking down on them through the aisle, she will be the happiest bride. She surely will be in love with you from head over “heels”.

5.  Shower Her with Gifts Throughout the Day

Girls simply love gifts, yes it’s true. No, we are not talking of the expensive diamonds or jewels, simple gifts with all good intentions are most cherished. You can do the same, shower your love with some thoughtful gifts. You can send these all around the day to calm her nerves down on the “D-Day”. Leave no moment to tell her “she is the one”.

6.  A Romantic Breakfast on Bed

Yeah… Yeah… She is all working out to look “perfect for you” at the wedding. But how about spoiling her a little on the D-day with a romantic breakfast on bed? You can order all her favorite food, pizza, cupcakes, and waffles, everything she loves. The small gesture will be remembered for the lifetime. A scrumptious breakfast on bed for wife is cherished for life.

7. Timeline of Your Relationship

Well, you sure have some preserved memories of you as a couple from the very beginning. It’s time to have a little slideshow of all of these at your wedding. It will be like the timeline, from your first “ I love you” to you “will you marry me?” live the old good days all over again.

The beautiful journey is about to begin, so why not start it with nothing else but love.

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