5 Unique Elements To Add In Your Indian Wedding Card

5 Unique Elements To Add In Your Indian Wedding Card

Wedding cards are very important as they tell a lot about your wedding and hence require special attention. Most of the people don’t pay so much attention to this but remember that this is as important as any other item on your wedding list. People are finding ways to make their wedding cards unique and below are ways by which you too can add some unique elements.

Pop up ventures:

This will make your card looks very interesting and add an amazing element to your card. Adding pop up ventures won’t add a lot in your budget. You can select any design that you want to pop up in your card but remember to choose carefully as this will bring a hell lot of attention to that design. You can bring out your creativity and this will make your wedding card popular and everyone will appreciate your efforts while all you have done is just added a pop-up venture.

2. Select a theme:

This is getting very popular right now as people try to match their wedding theme with their invitation card theme and trust me it looks very thoughtful and nice. Even if you are not having a theme wedding you can select a theme for just your cards but then the theme should showcase your personality and style and trust me your card will be the talk of the town.

3. Mirror surfaces:

Mirror work is in fashion whether it’s for your wedding outfit or wedding cards. You can go for either little mirror work or you can have a complete mirror surface depending on your budget. Mirror surface gives a very classy vibe to your card and is an amazing element to add on.

4. Location maps:

Travelling has won hearts of almost all of us and if you love to travel then this element is made just for you. You can add a map to your card it can either be a world map which basically signifies that you both want to travel the whole world together or you can choose an Indian map or a place which is very close to both of you and this will be very thoughtful and amazing. Adding maps gives a modern vibe to your traditional cards and the card will tell a lot about you to others.

5. Tassels and latkan:

This can bring your boring invitation card to life. All you have to do is add some tassels and latkans to your usual card and this will completely change the look of your card and won’t increase a lot in your budget. A simple card with tassels is an amazing idea as not many think about this but it adds a lot of beauty to your wedding cards.

Add one or two or more such elements according to your budget and choice and trust me this will take your wedding card to the next level and your card will be the talk of the town and many other people will get inspiration from your card.

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