5 Interesting Ideas to Welcome your Guests at your Wedding

5 Interesting Ideas to Welcome your Guests at your Wedding

By sending dazzling Indian wedding cards, you have set the bar so high that now your guests are expecting everything nothing than perfect itself. They can expect it all as it’s your “d-Day we are talking about. So we thought of dedicating this post to give you some interesting ideas to welcome your guests to your wedding.

After all, they have traveled so far just to be with you on your special day. As enchanting as your wedding invitations, these welcoming gestures will also make a direct way to their heart.

  • A Folk performance for the very beginning

This is quite a start to your themed wedding. If the wedding theme is based on any regional theme, than this is the perfect idea to welcome your guests.  If you’re doing a traditional wedding in the lands of Rajasthan, a Rajasthani folk dance to welcome the guest is so perfect. You can have some folk artists to welcome them in traditional manner too. Your guest surely loves this musical way of welcoming and will surely be moved by this stunning gesture.

  • A refreshing welcome with a delectable drink

What could be a better way to welcome your guests than a refreshing drink? A drink station at the entrance is the perfect way to welcome them. Traditional Indian drinks jaljeera, aam panna at summer weddings and drinks like tea or coffee in winter weddings served at the entrance is a pleasant way to welcome the guests. Also, you can add something interesting in the way it will be served.

  • A traditional welcome with sandalwood and rosewater

This was one of the ways in which guest was welcomed traditionally. You can add this cultural touch and ethnic flair to your wedding by welcoming your guests by applying the “Tilak” of sandalwood and sprinkle some rosewater while they make an entry. They hold spiritual value too and will surely add some rich Indian traditional charms.

  • Little personalized messages with goodie bags

This trend is quite a help these days. We all are allured by the old school charms, so spare some time and write little personalized messaged for your guests. These little hand-written notes are simply cherished by them as well. This gesture will speak a lot in itself.

You can add goodie bags with these handwritten notes as well. You can add this surprising element with goodie bag full of and little favors in their hotel rooms. This is to ensure that their stay is easier and comfortable. You can add something to satisfy their late night cravings as well. The ultimate goal is to make their stay hassle-free so that they don’t have to run for a thing they might need in a distant city and they can enjoy every moment of your wedding.

  • A flower shower with dhol nagadas

How about welcoming your guests with a flower shower? The idea is tempting and suits perfectly for the occasion. Bringing the smile on the face of your guests, these blooms mark the perfect beginnings of the welcome ceremony of guests.

To top of it add some Indian flair with loud melodies on Indian dhols and drums. That’s what they called a “dhamakedaar” entry in India. Your guests surely deserve it. The beats of these musical instruments, flower shower, dancing and cheers in the air, your family and friends laughing, all of this together set the happy vibe of the wedding?

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