5 Heart Touching Styles of Wedding Cards

5 Heart Touching Styles of Wedding Cards

There are some designs for Indian wedding cards that attract you and then there are some designs that make a direct way to the heart. Have you crossed across any such designs? If not, no worries. We have shortlisted some beautiful and heart touching styles for Indian wedding cards. You can incorporate any of them at your wedding invite too.

Here are some Heart Touching Styles of Indian Wedding Cards

The little pop-ups in wedding cards

Remember how excited we get when we see the pop-ups as soon as we open the card? Well, you can incorporate this childhood love into your wedding card as well. This type will never lose its “raptures” even after so many years. For simple engagement cards to Indian wedding cards, these invites are popular and loved by all. Their exteriors are quite simple which is apt as the interiors hold it “all”. As soon as the recipient opens up the card, a design pops out which is quite delightful.

For all the people with Wanderlust

The wedding is nothing less than embarking a new journey of life. The only thing differs is that this time it is going to be with the love of your life. The journey of happiness and togetherness demands an absolute “beautiful markup” as the beginning. We have got two ideas for people who want to add the flair of “wanderlust” in their Indian wedding invitations.

The first is to design your wedding card as a passport, each page illustrating different events with a little back story. This unique card designs will surely enchant every recipient.

The second idea is to design the wedding invite like an airplane ticket. The secret tip is to enclose it in aerogram look-alike envelopes. This is one “a-typical idea that will surely be loved by every recipient.

Wedding Invites as Credit cards

This is one new advent in designs of Indian Wedding Invitations. This has become quite popular since the advent of digitalization in India. The Indian wedding cards look like the credit cards, just intricately embossed. So, if you’re looking for something absolutely unique, possibly out of everyone’s thought, and then this is one good option.

Order your wedding invites designed like a hotel menu

If both of you are foodies and are looking for some quirky ideas to design your Indian wedding cards, then invites designed as hotel menu is one good option. This is quite popular and looks totally spectacular. Proclaim your “common” love for food with this uniquely “menu designed” Indian wedding card.

The royal scrolls as your Indian wedding cards

You probably have seen the papyrus rolls in several TV shows and movies which were used by rulers as “letters”. How about introducing these royal messenger tools by making your Indian wedding invitations like these scrolls? You can design the scroll completely with glittery golden sequins embellished with little tassels. This looks absolutely eloquent and gives a regal look to your wedding invite. Include the little bottle of scents as the little gift to accompany this royal invite.

These are some of the ideas that have touched the hearts of many couples. We hope that some of it will surely make their ways to your heart too.

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