4 Things to Keep in Mind while Hiring Wedding Planner

4 Things to Keep in Mind while Hiring Wedding Planner

Salon for the wedding day- check

Caterers- check…

After shortlisting these vendors for the wedding you think you have got it all covered, what about the
biggest thing, the planner for the event?

If not choosing carefully, there is a good chance that your wedding planners and even ruin your entire
event. Therefore a professional and an experienced wedding planner is the best thing you want to have
for the efficient planning of your wedding. For hassle-free experience it is essential to have a
cooperative and expert wedding planner. Here we’re discussing some of the things that you need to
consider before having that check in front of the wedding planner.

Here it goes:

Transparent communication is a must
Undoubtedly this is what the things that you should be very considerate about. In fact, it is the first thing
you should do. Everything, every detail you expect from a planner should be communicated. Your
budget, Idea, vision, concern, for your wedding everything should be discussed briefly.

Still, if you find that your wedding planners are getting annoyed with your questions you should
continue with your search and look for other better options. The good wedding planners will make you
more comfortable and initiate the discussion in a healthy and transparent manner.

Tell them the budget slightly lower than what you planned initially
Wedding planning is one such experience where people don’t even give second thoughts on spending
money. This may sound like living and celebrating at the edge and to the fullest but it is completely
irrational. Therefore it is suggested to give the budget slightly lower than the actual to the wedding
planners. In the events like a wedding there are chances of some unseen expenses show a little saving in
the very beginning will help you. Keep a margin in hand and will be all stress-free during any unfortunate

Make sure to not let them stick with repetitive because as their previous projects

During wedding season, wedding planners often use the same record for their back to back
commitment. It requires less of the efforts and also saves them the cost of buying new props for decor.
Make sure you ask them to not to use those props for your wedding as well. Your wedding looking like
20 other weddings is probably the last thing you want for your wedding. Discuss everything the props,
the design, the theme, in detail

Don’t have any unrealistic expectations
No matter how renowned your event planner is or what they will promise you, don’t have any
unrealistic expectations. If they are saying that will give you something that is out of your budget, do not
trust them or expect anything over the top.

Eventually, they are there for their business as well. Ultimately it’s the value you will receive in the
exchange of money you are spending. Any expectations if not fulfilled will only make you feel sorry.

So these are a few things that you do we need to analyze before hiring anyone to plan your D-Day.

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