4 Quirky Ideas for Indian Wedding Invitations

4 Quirky Ideas for Indian Wedding Invitations

Your wedding date is fixed… yay finally you have scheduled the day where you can start the new beginning with the love of your life. When this is celebrating love, every bit of it should be pompous. Starting from Indian wedding cards, have you given a thought of how you want them to be. Which mode are you going to prefer? Are you going with traditional Indian wedding cards or are you going with modernized wedding e-cards? What sort of designs do you want for your wedding invitations?

If not, then we have shortlisted four ideas that can be incorporated in both the Indian wedding cards made of paper and even for E-Indian wedding invitations. So, here it goes:

  • Infused in traditional Accents

This is one best idea when it comes to cross-continental weddings or weddings with the cultural fusion. This is to add the traditional charms of both the culture in wedding invitations. The little flair of traditions of both the culture when tweaked with colorful cartoons and the festive backgrounds will only enhance the visual attributes of the wedding cards. By adding this you can add some traditional pomp and a more “atypical” way.

  • By telling your tales

We all are so much infused in love that we probably have the whole deck of tales to tell. It can be the tales of long breezy nights while the two of you were enjoying long rides on the bike or the first glimpse of sunrise you want to catch over the sea. There are lots and lots of moments from the story that you can tell through your wedding e-cards. This is one great idea and through your Indian wedding cards, you are actually giving the sneak peek of something so special to you. This is one thoughtful idea as apart from being so unique, it has personal charms and looks wonderfully intriguing.

  • You can include quirky caricatures

A wedding invitation is said to set the tone of the wedding ceremony. It shows a lot about you and your partner. The best thing if you’re not planning a traditional Indian wedding and looking for something that depicts something more relaxed and casual, then this is your idea. This is an accurate portrayal of your sense of humor along with your amusing personality and in the quirkiest manner possible. Don’t you think? So, make the best of the Indian wedding invitations with these quirky caricatures.

  • Infused in the charms of arts

This is one idea where you can accentuate your wedding invitations with some age-old art forms. You can make a pick amongst the folk art tradition like Tanjore, Kalamkari, pattacharita, Madhubani and many more. In this way, you can easily create an online wedding invitation that will make it a total stand-out. These astounding designs also make the guests keep your wedding cards as the keepsake.

So these are the four ideas that you can adopt. You can play with the colors, fonts, texts, images, background, anything to give it your charm.

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