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Why Wedding is “her day” when Bride and Groom Both are Involved?

They say a marriage is an intimate or harmonious union of two souls. It marks as a very important event in one’s life and the life of two people completely change post this event. Indian weddings are so crucial and auspicious that we engage wedding planners to see everything in the wedding goes as per the plan or “muhrat”. After all we have to materialize all the dreams that we saw since we were a child when we even had no idea what actually a marriage is. In India, weddings are not a one day affair but are very elaborately planned because it invites even those whom we haven’t seen for a very long time.


Wedding preparations commence with the printing of cards. Indian wedding cards are also a separate field of specialization because the design of a wedding invitation card gives a slight idea of how grand the wedding ceremony will actually take place.

The more a wedding invitation card is simple looking, more are the chances of not visiting a wedding party. There is no denial in the fact that wedding cards play a vital role in introducing the prospective bride/groom and their families to the guests. It also lists down the date, time and venue of important functions to be held.

A new trend has come up where one can buy wedding cards online, one can customize his/her wedding card without the need to visit the seller. Please don’t forget to include directions on a separate card, especially if guests are visiting from out of town or if the route is slightly complex to grasp. It should be ensured that proper dates and timings of important events are mentioned with absolute precision so that the guests arrive in time.

Another recent development in this field is a Wedding Website. You can include a link to the website in your card where the guests can know what are the preparations taking place and how your entire love affair started.

Other events in a wedding are planned and performed as per the customs and rituals of the religion concerned. Wedding preparations are crucial as well as alike for both bride and groom along with their families. There cannot be one person who is more important as the lives of both the prospective bride and groom change to become one unified life.

Now that such a great information is available at your disposal, you are just one step away in throwing the most exotic wedding party.

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