Tips to Buy Bridal Lehengas

Tips to Buy Bridal Lehengas

Getting the perfect bridal lehenga is like a dream come true. Just like you buy a Indian wedding cards onlineand get the perfect thing you desire for. There are certain things that you should keep in your mind before choosing your bridal lehenga. The tips that you need to follow before buying your lehenga are:

1. Give detail to the inner lining of your dupatta:

When you choose the dupatta for your lehenga, don’t just focus on the borders and the work on that dupatta. When you drape the dupatta on your head, the inner lining is visible. This small thing may have an effect on your look. A darker inner lining may introduce a shadow on your face. And it makes you look dull. You should go for light colored inner linings like pink, peach, light red or soft orange.

2. Don’t give all the importance to the lehenga:

It is a common misbelief that the lehenga should be the main part of the attire. On the contrary, according to the recent trends, the blouses and the dupatta are becoming the eye catchers. You should try to keep your lehenga elegant and simple. Try to play with the designs and styles on the blouses. Fashionable blouses can easily be tailored nowadays without many efforts. You can go for bedazzling dupattas consisting of shiny borders or work on them.

3. Wear light colors when you go shopping:

Try not to wear bright colors when you are going to shop for your bridal lehenga. Most of the time, the lehengas aren’t stitched so they wrap them around your waist and ask you to judge them. Now, in this case, if you are wearing a bright colored top then you won’t get the exact idea of the color of the lehenga. It will be different when you actually try it on your wedding.

4. Don’t cross your budget:

While shopping, you will come across many beautiful lehengas, some may be way out of your price range. So don’t give yourself away from greed and go overboard with your budget. Because getting the perfect lehenga is not the only thing associated with the wedding. Don’t compare your lehengas with the ones you see on the runway shows because then you will never be satisfied and keep searching.

5. Figure out what looks good on you:

There are always new trends coming out on the market. You should not follow them without much thought just because your friends or cousins follow them. You need to know what will look better on you. Everybody’s personality is different and therefore, you should not run after a particular single design. Part of the whole Indian wedding is that you keep in touch with your traditions, so don’t forget that ethnicity tag.

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