Responsibilities, Associated to Groom during the Wedding

Wedding comes with huge planning and lots of responsibility. Being the counterpart of a relationship its bride & groom’s duty to take care of it. Planning responsibility of wedding shouldn’t be on the entire bride’s shoulder. There are plenty of things for the groom to do from the announcement of engagement to the wedding day like designing the wedding card.  You must be thinking, the bridal party would take care of most of the things but the groom must realize his duty that he should fulfilled with tasks during the time leading up to the wedding day. The handsome groom’s get ready to know what your bride wants to let you know. There are number of tasks which are associated to the groom.


No doubt, the bride will have a list of things to offer the groom. Once you let him know the things and he finds a direction then he will be able to take on the finer details. For example: booking the hotel & flights, analyzing the trek, booking catering services and making dinner reservations, sending invitation cards to some of the guests.

Ordering the wedding cake:

Cake cutting ceremony comes in the list of one of the most prominent wedding tradition. Let the groom choose wedding cake for the ceremony, its ok if your man doesn’t love cake. Ask him to book the cake flavor tasting.  And later both of you can show up to sample all of the delicious flavors and choose the best for your wedding cake ceremony.

Choosing wedding apparels:

Both the bride and groom is the centre of attraction of marriage ceremony. The bride gives 2 to 3 months in selecting and getting ready with her wedding gown. So the groom should also be able to select what he wears, whether he wants to choose formal tux or a more casual look.

Designing & compiling wedding cards:

Wedding invites have a lot of different parts or components like the actual invite, RSPV, response card etc. So allocate the task to the groom so he can stuff all of these cards in the envelope.

Decide the wedding style to reach the venue:

Guys have love and affection to the cars. Your groom must be willing to know how the bridal party gets to and from the wedding. So, allow your man to decide it for you that how you and the rest of the bridal party can come to the wedding in style.

Reserve rooms for outside guests:

Take the responsibility and talk with the hotel and make sure to book a block of rooms for the entire out of town guests to make them feel comfortable and homely.


Talk to the groomsmen and ask them that they should be ready with tuxes & suit fitted on time.

Words of gratitude:

Say thanks to your guests for joining you and sharing their priceless time with you. Speak few words of gratitude at the reception. So let your groom worry about it.

These few points are subject to the groom’s authority and associated to him. Except this, he can take her lady for shopping and buy her beautiful gifts. So groom should take care of these things during the wedding planning.

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