Choose Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations to Protect the Environment

Choose Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations to Protect the Environment

A wedding is the most special day for everyone. Every couple wants a perfect wedding and always fascinated by it. Everyone spends so lavishly on their wedding to make it grand and happening. In this celebration, we often forget about the environment like firecrackers, waste of food, or lots of paper which we used in wedding cards. Don’t even realize how much we harm our nature. But we can find the solution for everything, we need to put a little bit extra effort into this. Eco-friendly wedding invitations are the best way to celebrate your wedding naturally. Indian Wedding cards are the most important part of every wedding.

We all want to enjoy this beautiful relationship with our family and friends. Eco-friendly wedding invitations can double your happiness as we are doing something very good for our environment on our special day. In today’s scenario many people using the digital medium to invite people which is very innovative and cost-effective. Many people using traditional wedding cards for their wedding and wasting lots of paper which is the main reason for harming the environment. Here we are sharing innovative ideas for Indian Wedding invitations to save the environment.

It’s a great idea to be aware of and spread awareness to protect nature. It’s even better to give a message to society through a wedding type huge event. When you plan to organize an eco-friendly wedding then the eco-friendly nuptials begins before you even save the date. Going to plan a green wedding means you have to begin with conservation and choosing eco-friendly invitation cards are the best way to conserve.

The fact is modern and trendy wedding invitations waste trees and uses toxic inks while the manufacturing process takes place. It also left with the bulk of the waste. If you don’t want to use such invites than you can choose from many earth-friendly options available. So, here we have come up with the eco-friendly invitation card ideas which are simple as well as elegant.

Have a look:

Paperless Invites

People of Eco-friendly nature choose to send paperless invites to their guests. Either they make a call to their friends and family or choose to send event invitations to the guests. It is a form of internet invitation. The event initiations are eco-friendly as well economical because these are nominal by nature and most often available for free.there are lots of E designer cards available in the market which can save your time, money and efforts. You can use a current social medium like Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram to invite people.

Paper Invites

Some people want to send paper invites to their guests to perform the nuptials properly. There is an alternate for the Eco-friendly paper invitation, you can use recycled paper invites. These earth-friendly invitations come in several colors, styles, and design choices. The recycled paper invites look attractive as well as save several trees, gallons of water and prevents the environment from pollutants. It’s an easy choice as all printers offer these alternatives.

Fiber invites

This can be a very good option, If you don’t like recycled paper choices invest then you can design the wedding card with an alternative fiber. There are several alternatives available to you that can use bamboo, hemp, coconut, and cotton. But these substitutes are quite expensive than recycled ones. but it is worth I and gives the inner satisfaction that you did something for your nature.

Plantable invites

You can send plantable invites to your guests. These recycled papers have seeds that you can plant after the marriage ceremony. You have to throw it in your garden area and after some time you’ll find plants. It’s a unique idea that will make your ceremony memorable for the guests. This idea of invitation will give an image of a responsible person who understands the worth of nature.

These invite ideas are more expensive than the usual one but such wedding invites looks simple as well as elegantSo try to give a natural touch to your wedding and spread awareness to save nature. As we heard many times we won’t have a society if we destroy the environment.

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