Wedding Playlist That Guests Of All Ages Will Love

Wedding Playlist That Guests Of All Ages Will Love

Wedding times are an auspicious and halcyon remembrance for the bride, the groom, and their guests. Starting with the shopping for the attires and accessories, picking up the right choice for the theme for the big day, handing out the wedding cards, salon appointments, interviewing the vendor and caterer etc sums up into a big frantic schedule. But besides all this stuff, some exciting projects are never missed out. One of them is the preparation of the wedding playlist.

A withering playlist full of evergreen songs can be killing on a wedding day or a cocktail party. A wedding playlist can make or break the fun and excitement on the dance floor. Hence, one should be choosy while selecting the songs for the big fat day.

Most probably, the deal of making a wedding playlist is given to the DJ. But, maybe, you and your fiance would like to make some addition. At such point of time, you must keep in mind some of the major aspects given below.

A recipe of genres and tempos

You can have rock, country, pop and folk songs mixed up with fusion. Think back! When you have last time joined a big fat wedding ceremony, the upbeat music which cherished and engaged everyone together on the dance floor. Wasn’t it amazing? A playlist must have the inclusion of songs which are top on the charts. People desire to hear it. Such songs create an ambiance which encourages small kids to senior citizens to tip-tap on the floor.

Smashup of your interest

It is necessary to give people what they actually wish to hear. Still, you can put some famous but unknown songs in the playlist to give a jerk to the people. Whether you wish to be treated as a celebrity, or you possibly wish a romantic event, you can bump up songs as per your interest in the wedding playlist. Perhaps, you should discuss with your DJ or you can even take help of any friend in discovering unique and fashionable songs for the day.

Save your dance numbers

It is better to put away the best hits for the main event rather than wasting it in cocktail hour. This is because it will ruin the frolic and felicity of the song. Later on, when the same song will be played, people will not take it intensely as it could have been.

Be clear with the songs

It is actually your wedding ceremony which will consist of your grandparents and the kids. Hence, any vulgar type of song which doesn’t fit the situation should be completely dropped. Very slow and boring songs will fetch the delight of the event. Hence they should also be avoided. In short, you must prepare a do-not playlist and hand it to the DJ. So even if any guest makes the request, and the song is in the do-not playlist then it must be ignored.

At last, throw all your stress and remain calm. A hassle-free planning will surely aid in making your day wonderful.

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