Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna Engagement on Nach Baliye Sets

Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna Engagement on Nach Baliye Sets

Weddings are said to be planned in heaven and several recent marriages have proved that. It seems like a wedding season, which has been joined by several celebrities as well from different industries. One more very popular couple from Bollywood also joined this by getting engaged. This time it’s up i.e. Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna engagement, who became the talk of the town as soon as they met in Big Boss house. They both are taking part in very popular reality show Nach Baliye these days. Upon proposed Karishma for marriage on the sets itself after their dance performance in front of their family, which was accepted by Karishma and rings were exchanged.

The couple is very famous for their amazing relationship, which took birth in Big Boss 8 house. There were very few people who could believe that this was a true relationship and they were not faking it. But, upon replied to all, who were thinking that the relationship was fake and was made for the game only by proposing Karishma on national television in front of Nach Baliye judges and their families. The incident took place at the end of a dance performance on the sets of Nach, where Upen asked some moments from the judges after their performance. He asked Karishma to close her eyes and when she opened eyes, she was surprised to see everyone in the audience holding a banner written: “Marry Him”. He bent down on his knees and asked her, “Will you marry me?” Karishma gave him the most obvious answer and they were engaged.

Everyone, including the judges and family members, were delighted to see this and they also twitted about this. Several beautiful performances took place in the last episode, but UpMa stole the entire attention and surprised everyone.

Giving a telephonic interview to Times of India, Upen said, “We have been together for six months now. Karishma has come to London and met my family and they liked her. I have been wanting to do something really romantic for her and I felt this could be the most romantic gesture. I am glad it was possible with the help of our families and the makers of the show and the channel. We plan to get married by the end of this year. We’ll have a ceremony in London and one in India.”

Karishma also said, “Upen built it up so well. I was literally shooting in my pants when he said he wanted to say something to me. But this is indeed one of the most beautiful moments of my life. I felt like a princess. I felt very good about meeting his family. They are just like us… his grandparents like Gujju food and they still speak in Gujarati. I have always had this thing that I would never marry a farang. I didn’t want someone who is not familiar with our culture. But in Upen’s case, we are very similar.”

Well, the couple seems in deep love with each other and we wish them a very happy and romantic life ahead. Keep visiting the blog for more updates.

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