Tips to prepare guest list for an Indian wedding

Tips to prepare guest list for an Indian wedding

The trickiest of all planning an Indian wedding is to come up with a “guest list”. But it is one essential thing as then only you can proceed with rest of the planning like ordering Indian wedding invitations for your guests, or hotel booking or selecting a venue and a lot more. If you too are struggling with the “guest list”, no worries, here are few tips to prepare the guest list for an Indian wedding:

  1. Let your parents decide it for your family:

In Indian weddings, it’s the parents that decide upon the guest list. You can seek their assistance for this to invite your family members. When it comes to parents, they want to invite every member and even mere acquaintances. If you are planning for an extensive Indian wedding, you can order Indian wedding invitations cards for all those guests. But it’s better to discuss this with your parents and decide accordingly in case you are planning a wedding on a budget. You can then order your wedding invites.

  1. Two wedding invites for two grand functions

Indian weddings are nothing less than a series of several ceremonies lasting for 4-5 days. But usually, it’s the two that are organized on a grand extent. These two are Wedding and the reception. Nowadays Indian families split or Dutch everything. So you can make the bride’s family organize the wedding and the groom’s family can organize reception. This way, you have two guest lists and two different set of Indian wedding cards.

  1. Give a thought on inviting colleagues

Many Indian families try to keep the wedding more of a “family affair” and hence are quite apprehensive not to invite bosses or co-workers. The reason can be any, a family affair, more private thing or you just want to keep the guests below a certain number. But as a co-worker, you should inform them about this decision to avoid any false expectations. You can let them know that the wedding is a “small affair” with some close family and friends. This way you can clear things so that it wouldn’t create any differences. Moreover this way, you can also save yourself from “wedding related discussions” at the workplace.

  1. A guest list for an intimate wedding affair:

Some people prefer to keep their wedding more of an “intimate affair” by inviting very few close family and friends. If you too are planning a wedding like that, it’s quite easy to prepare the guest list. Even you can count them on your fingertips. You can consult the “top-notch Indian wedding invitations designer” to design the elegant wedding invites for this personal affair.

  1. A guest list for big fat Indian wedding:

As the name suggests, the kind of wedding includes everything extravagant. When talking about preparing a guest list for the big fat Indian wedding, it is going to bloat quite extensively, so be prepared for that. The best way to create the guest list is to divide it. You can ask each member of the family to prepare “their” guest list and give a number constraint. For example, your parents can invite 200 guests, your sibling can invite 50-70 guests. In this way, you can divide the list and at the end combine it all together. Be sure to take the advance appointment from wedding cards designer so as to place the order as early as possible. This is because you need ample time to post it all.

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