Tips To Design Sikh Wedding Invitation Cards

Tips To Design Sikh Wedding Invitation Cards

Yes we know, you are all set with the designs and themes of your wedding functions, but have you given a thought on your wedding invitation card? It will be the bearer of the news of your happy day and hold one important place at the wedding. If you have already decided the designs and themes for your Indian wedding card, you are all set and if you haven’t, no worries, we have got your back.

Here are a few tips to design Sikh wedding invitation card.

Use Rich and Expensive Material:

The first and foremost tip while designing your Indian wedding card is to choose the rich looking material. Like your wedding, your invitation card should also elude elegance at best. For your Sikh wedding invitation card, you can choose handmade paper or metallic paper, the creamy tissue material, satin, woolly papers and more. The best of the lot is the textured and handmade card paper which surely is expensive but is a total standout. Their rich appearance with the beautiful designs and textures make the perfect Sikh wedding invitation card.

Use Religious Verses for Your Wedding Invitation Too:

We know as cliché as it sounds, but the religious verses in wedding cards ascend the whole design and are customary too. As rich as its culture, the Sikh wedding invitation Card is the testament of a beautiful journey, you are going to embark. Including religious verses as per mythology means to seek the blessings of Waheguru before stepping forward with the love of your life.

Themes and Designing

Usually, the design of the Sikh wedding cards is pulled together with beautiful stonework or mirror work which not only looks spectacular but goes well with the whole wedding vibe. For themes you can choose as per the theme of your wedding, it can be as traditional as the bridal cameo, the marriage procession or as modern which totally depends upon the theme of your wedding. You can choose either of it or can even go for a blend too, the fusion of religious and modern which is currently amongst the top favourite style for Indian wedding invitations.

Add a Personal Flair

The wedding invitation card can include a personal handwritten note from the bride and groom inviting the family and friends to bless the couple with their auspicious presence. Not only it adds a personal flair to the Indian wedding card, it looks beautiful too. After all who else can pen down the significance of your “D-Day” other than you. You can be as creative as you want or can keep it quite minimalist, which again is your choice.

Happy Wedding…!!!

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