Shannon and Seema Wedding – First American-Indian lesbian Wedding

Shannon and Seema Wedding – First American-Indian lesbian Wedding

A wedding is a special moment for both the wedding partners as it starts a new life for both. Generally, a wedding is considered as a union of a gal and a guy, but the generation is open about their feelings and love life these days. Such a case was seen in July 2013, where the first American Indian lesbian Wedding took place in America. Almost 2 years have been passed and the couple is very happy with one baby boy now. Shannon and Seema tied the knot on July 2013 and officially named their love relation in front of the world. The wedding ceremony was adorable and both the ladies looked very beautiful and happy at their wedding. After 2 years of successful wedding relations, they both still look deeply in love with each other and have a cute baby boy from Shannon.

Both the ladies met at a boot camp fitness class, where Shannon was the instructor. It was a love at first sight where, Shannon turned immediately to her fellow instructor and said, I’m going to marry her.” After 6 years of their first meeting, they decided to tie the knot and live the rest of life together. Their love marriage created history, as it was the first-ever American Indian lesbian wedding in America. The community of India is highly conservative, everyone knows, and when it comes to sexual orientation, it reaches the peak, but still, they managed to agree with their parents and rest of the community to join their special day with happiness. Even the family of Seema carried her to the ceremony in the Doli in traditional style.

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The wedding also took place according to the ancient Hindu traditions including all the ceremony including Sindoor, Mehandi, Ring Ceremony, Saat Fere and others. The famous photographer Steph Grant, having expertise in shooting LGBT weddings, photographed their wedding also. He said after the shoot, “I am honored that they chose me to be their wedding photographer”.

The ladies welcomed their first newborn this January and are moving ahead with their beautiful relationship. We, at The Wedding Cards Online also bestow our good wishes to them and wish a very happy life ahead.

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