Do Not Forget To Add All Ceremonies In Your Hindu Wedding Card

Do Not Forget To Add All Ceremonies In Your Hindu Wedding Card

A traditional Hindu wedding celebration lasts for three days. A Hindu wedding comes to life with festivities, rich colors, and customs. Hindu wedding cards look very amazing with traditional designs. The Hindu wedding takes place inside a mandap. Many things need to happen before the actual wedding ceremony. Hindu wedding cards are a perfect mixture of innovation, traditional culture, and styles. The Hindu wedding card is the announcement of the time and date of your pre-wedding rituals and wedding ceremony. Today we’ll discuss some best ceremony ideas that you should mention in your wedding card.

Ganesh pooja

Some Hindu ceremonies begin with Ganesh pooja, lord Ganesh the Hindu god of salvation and wisdom. People believe that he removes any obstacles from the wedding ceremony and the couple’s new life. The Ganesh pooja performed before some days to the wedding ceremony. Some of Hindu first invite lord Ganesh by giving Indian wedding invitations.

Haldi ceremony

In the Haldi ceremony, the married women of both sides take turns rubbing mix paste of turmeric, water, oil on the body of the bride and the groom. Turmeric is used to glowing your skin and it is a traditional facial pack that applies to the couple’s body before the wedding ceremony.

Mehndi ceremony

The women gather together for the mehndi ceremony. A paste of henna is applied on a couple’s hands and feet. Mehndi can be applied in many designs. Mehndi ceremony is a good sign (shagun) for the whole wedding ceremony. It is said that the darker color of mehndi is a sign of a deep love of groom for the bride.

Sangeet ceremony

Women of both families get together for dancing and singing. The sangeet ceremony is full of joy and fun. Women sing traditional wedding songs and dance together. They play Bollywood songs and dance on them. It is just like a bachelorettes party in which the whole family and relatives invited.

Bharat swagat

Hindu do grand and amazing welcome of the groom and his family. Groom usually comes on a horse or elephant and his family, friends, and relatives play music and dance. Then the bride’s family and relatives welcome them to the wedding venue. Bride’s mother performs Aarti over the groom.

Wedding ceremony

The bride and groom exchanges the flower garlands with their wedding vow called varmala. After that, they went to the mandap, where the main rituals take place. The bride’s parents perform kanyadaan and then the bride and groom walk around a Pavitra Agni ( fire ). They take Sath Phere ( seven rounds of fire ) with giving seven promises to each other. The groom applies the sindoor ( red powder ) to the parting in his bride’s hair and strikes the Mangal Sutra around her neck.

Wedding reception

A wedding reception is a party held after the wedding ceremony to give a blessing to the newly married couple. Both families get together and give a blessing to the couple and also gift them.

These are the Hindu ceremony that you should mention in your Hindu wedding card. Make your wedding card amazing with these Hindu ceremonies. If you have any suggestions then please let us know through your comments.

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