Why Pre Wedding Photo-shoot?

Wedding Day is the most special day in everyone’s life. People do months of planning for it like wedding cards, wedding venue,wedding theme, photo shoot etc.There was a time when marriage alliances were brought and finalized by families and the boy or girl had little or no say in these matters. Proponents argue that the parents knew the children the most and always took the decisions best for them at any given point of time. Take any sphere of life, be it education, career or matrimony, parents’ wish prevailed! Now with the increase in complexities in the modern world and moral dilution in children, often the decisions taken by parents fail. Considering the high failure rate of marriages, parents permit children to get married as per their choice. Although, it is not completely acceptable to the society a lot of positive changes are seen in this direction.


With the increase in modernization come the benefits were a lot of innovation is taking place in how the weddings take place these days. People are opting for destination weddings at one point and are outsourcing services from across the world at the other. Weddings are turning into a symbol of status unlike earlier when it was a reason for celebration on the union of two souls. The recent trend is that of a pre-wedding photo shoot. The couple goes for an all day long photo shoot at different places. Before the photo shoot actually takes place, the couple is made comfortable with each other and are advised about camera shyness, if any. During the photo shoot, the couple actually gets to know each other more and develop that chemistry and intimacy that comes out in pictures. Without the counseling, the couple continues to hesitate which is clearly evident from the snaps.

At this juncture, a professional photographer plays a vital role in understanding the couple and bringing out the best in them. They counsel the couple on how they should pose and other requirements for a particular snap. Marriage being a lifetime affair has to be made unique, special and exquisite as it is treasured for life. The photographer accentuates on making a short story on how they fell in love and are finally getting married! This story is finally conveyed to the world in the form of pictures. A pre-wedding photo shoot is an excellent way to enhance your experience with each other and gives a glimpse of how deep is your matrimonial bond. It is a treat to look at your pictures together and know what a beautiful journey lies ahead!

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