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Why Paper Invitations Over Digital Invitations?

How can anything surpass flamboyance? How can the old school charms be outshined by modern lures? Similarly how digital wedding cards can outweigh the traditional Indian wedding Invitation? There are good reasons that wedding cards made of paper are still preferred by many couples. Here we have mentioned why paper invitations are still so loved over digital wedding invitations:

Indian Wedding Cards

Because everything old school is quite popular

Let’s get real, one of the biggest reason that paper invites are that popular or preferred choice is that they aren’t that popular. Confused? We live in a century where we are addicted to digital communication and in that scenario; paper invitations are nothing less than fascinating. Getting a physical invitation is like breaking the streamline of digital wedding invitations on Facebook and email-ids. In fact, there is no doubt that even the recipient thinks that it is an important event and he or she will notice that immediately. Your wedding is significant for you but it can be built as a milestone for others too with traditional Indian wedding cards. While every other person is blindly following the trends of E-invites, your guests will surely notice this extra effort of yours and will make sure your event is amongst their priority.

They infuse more trust

How many times do we ignore our email notifications or notification pop-up on Facebook ? A small typo mistake and our fingers automatically delve it in trash or spam. The irony is that it’s our gadgets that are more connected online and not us. This leads to a bigger problem for the invitation as there are chances that we will ignore it or our mail algorithms might find them suspicious and automatically transfer it to others. There are good chances that even after sending emails successfully to everyone, it might get unnoticed or ignored; whereas with paper invitations, there is no such thing as spam or trash. These invites tend to find the intended destination.

Because these are simple beauties

No wonder what we say, we still cherish our charms of old-school. Be it the letters over emails, books over e-books, and so much more. Hence there is one good reason that people will automatically be inclined to paper wedding cards in the era of digital wedding invitations. These old-school beauties are simply enchanting and appealing.

With traditional Indian wedding cards, you have got a lot to be playful. You have got material to choose and you can go for something basic to something more expensive, from something modern and matter to something vintage. There are a lot of options. Then you can decide on the different printing options to incorporate. From classic favorites like engraving to modern laser cut, you have got a whole deck of options to choose from in this as well. Then there is the big palate of colours and things go on. People like paper invitations and that’s the biggest reason why most people still prefer them over digital wedding invites.

These paper invites set the tone of something more luxurious and significant in respect to your wedding. So make your choice and instead of thinking over which mode for sending Indian wedding cards, think about the expression of awe on your guests’ faces.

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