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Wedding Cards with a Great Twist and Security

The luxury Indian weddings are “By Invitation” necessarily, but you need to beef the security up to a higher level to keep the gatecrashers at bay. You can now achieve this easily through Indian wedding cards having unique electronic chips embedded inside them. Your guests will need to swipe the wedding invites at the entrance of the venue to make sure that they are genuine and invited by you.

Suppose a well-dressed group of friends or a couple reaches at the marriage venue. The brides’ whole family is stationed customarily to welcome guests and they don’t ever question the identities of newly arrived guests. If they don’t recognize anyone, they assume them as the groom’s guests. In the Indian tradition, questioning any guest’s identity at the venue’s entrance is thought to be a humiliation and in case they turn to be the groom’s relatives, this is considered a cardinal sin. In this, the safety and security of wedding venue, people, jewelry and their other precious belongings are at stake.

The perfect looking strangers can generate hoodlum at a wedding and even can do away with valuable wedding stuff. The technology used in such Indian wedding cards either is about credit cards or bar code scanning methods used in shopping malls. The technology choice depends on the patrons’ individual preferences. However, the swipe card looks more sophisticated and elegant than bar code cards.

At any wedding, millions are spent on decoration and food alone, so why not spend a little amount extra on electronically swiped Invitations? Till some time before, the gatecrashers targeted the luxury reception food only. But, these days they do away with the valuable jewelry and other precious gifts also at the wedding easily, which is a bigger cost to pay than the cost of electronic high-security swipe wedding cards.

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