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Ways To Save Your Money On Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations play an important role in every Indian wedding. Invitation leaves a first impression on your guests, so it should be professional and beautiful. Today the invitation cost is very high, people want adorable designs at convenient prices. Purchasing a well stylish and the designer card is not easy for a normal person. So, here we have some tips from which you can save your expenditure on wedding invitations.

Use your own cardstock

Many invitation stores and stationery sells you both the printing and paper separately. Therefore, it is necessary to buy the cardstock at their invitation stock. Buy cheap cardstock from a wholesale store on discount price, and bring them to express beautiful and creatively, which saves your money. Most card designers mark high costs on invitation card papers and take the high cost of printing. Buy cardstock in a bulk and try to buy cheap paper at less price. Do not spend much money on cardstock.

Make your own invitation card

This is the most obvious way to save your money on your wedding invitation cards. Many of you worried about if you make your own invites that they will not look professional and designer. Of course, you also do not want to go through the hassle of making and designing them, when you have a lot of work and many things to prepare for your beautiful wedding day. However, some couples trying to save money on their wedding, there is a good idea for them to buy invitation kits and make their own.

Skip embossing and engraving

The oldest and priciest form of printing is engraving. Instead of this engraving, thermography is an alternative to this. It is costless but looks both similar. Embossed is another cost, sot skip them and choose an alternative.

Use the standard type of envelope

When you go with more designer and fancy with our envelope, it ends up very high costing you. Although, the post office charges extra on square envelopes to mail that size. Also, you can go with no-lined envelopes because the weight of the lines increases the price. Try to buy simple envelopes which may reduce the heavy prices of invitations.

Send an Email

In the days of social networking and digital media, it becomes very popular. You could send an email invitation card, add some pictures, accommodation information, and even a video or message of the bride and groom. This is a very good idea to save money on invitations, it gives a royal look. This became more popular in these days, it saves time as well as money.

Send postcards

It will not only save your money on a wedding invitation, but you will also save money on postage when you send a postcard wedding invitation. Make the reply cards postcards, if you don’t want your entire invitation to be a postcard invitation. And this is also very creative and looks unique!

Order extra invitation cards

Make your guest list first and check how much you have to order for printing, add 25extra in case if you forget someone to add in your guest list. To give printing at the last moment, it may cost high. Order some extra which will be less costing.

These are some tips for you to save money on your wedding invitation cards. For other information visit our page again.

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