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Tips for Making Your Wedding Invitations

Inviting your guests to your wedding should not stress you. If you are unable to choose a perfect wedding card as per your choice and budget, you can even create your own Indian wedding cards to add a special touch to the invitation and it can be cheaper as well. So, today we bring to you a few tips to create your own wedding card:

Keep With Your Wedding Theme

If you have a wedding theme or particular color scheme, then keep that in mind while creating your personalized wedding invitations. It is always an excellent idea to match up the theme and the colors of the invite with your wedding theme and color. For example, if you have a summer wedding, then create an invitation which will fit the season like a Popsicle stick having all the information about your wedding, the date, time, venue, etc.

Go For Something Different

Choosing the format of the wedding invitation is a very important part. Choose a format that is sure to catch their attention and which they will always remember. You should aim to create something which will blow them away. Also consider the font which you want to use- fancy fonts can add elegance, while the bold fonts are used to draw attention.

Choosing the Envelope Color

Ensure to choose such a color for the envelope which complements your invitation. As a general trend, you can use the opposites – if the invitation is of dark color, you can use a light color envelope and if your invite is of dark color, use the lighter color envelope.

Include Relevant Information

Make sure to include all the relevant information. Your guests need to know what, who, where, when and how at least from the invitation card. To be precise, even if your card is innovative and modern, it needs to serve the main purpose.

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