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Tips and Tricks to Plan Wedding within 30 Days

30 days…that seems to be such a short span to plan a whole wedding. But what if we tell you can plan it all and we can help you with it with these efficacious tips. Well here are some tips and tricks that will help you in planning wedding within 30 days or less:

Commence the planning with the paperwork

We know that you are in a total rush but don’t forget the significant paperwork. We are talking about the marriage license or the marriage certificate for which you have to consult the country Clerk office. This is quite a substantial part of getting married.

Finalize a month and a date

Next is to finalize a month and a date. You can choose a month in which many festivals are lined up. With these festivities, you can easily kick off the wedding and enjoy with your family and friends.

Venue booking is the next step

Book the venue as early as the date is fixed. This is one of the substantial steps that take a lot of time and effort. Most the times, your favourite places like ballrooms, country clubs or hotels are already booked. So find some good place that is available. You can even ask the favour from your friend with a huge backyard to lend it to you for your wedding. This can be the perfect gift from their side.

Also, a restaurant with a big open area is a good option.


Now is the time to set the budget. You have to figure out how much you want to spend and how much do you really have to spend. A huge or a grand wedding is not the assurance of “happily ever after” or a simple wedding means you are likely to get divorced easily or vice versa. Just plan everything as per your budget is the pro tip.

Guest list

Now is not the right time to invite everyone except for your closed ones. You can have your close family members and friends invited for your big day. Prepare a guest list which is again directly influenced by budget.

Keep the wedding cards crisp

As you’re planning all this on such a short time frame, it is essential to considerably think about the Indian wedding cards. Choose some adorable designs or some enchanting themes for your wedding invitations and let the professionals take the lead. You can easily get the timely delivery and you can send it to your family and friends.

Perfect bridal outfit

Since your time is short, you don’t have to be stick with renowned bridal outfit stores or boutiques as they need ample of time to get what you want. So now you have so many options to look for. Sample sales, formal wear stores, trunk show, you have got plenty of options in your hand.

Creativity is your best friend

In this short frame, creativity is your best friend. You have to think of “out of the box ideas” to save it all and to incorporate everything. For instance, instead of hiring a professional photographer, you can ask your photographer friend to help you. For the wedding décor, you can think of something more DIY to add oodles of charms. Same goes with wedding favours.

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