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Tips And Tricks To Plan For Beach Weddings

If you are planning for a beach wedding then you make a list of all the aspects required to be considered for the wedding. During a wedding, there are lots of  preparations required. You can either arrange a wedding planner or do it everything by yourself. From giving away the wedding cards to the dinner party, each and every aspect demand attention. Here, I have focused on some important matter associated with planning for a beach wedding.

a) Outfits for wedding

It is better to wear something cool and light on the occasion. You must also inform your guests that the wedding will be organized on the beach and they must wear accordingly. Even the bride and groom must plan their wedding outfits such that they flow with the surrounding on the beach. Hence, it is necessary to arrange a proper outfit for a wedding. Dresses made of chiffon can go better for the beach wedding.


b) Food and beverages

You must arrange for lemonade juice, and drinks along with water which go absolutely right with the warm sun and ocean waves. The food and drinks must match as per the location and atmosphere of the wedding. You must also arrange nepkins and water for the guests. Your guests must not get bored with the wedding party. For this, some light foodstuff must be kept for the entertainment of guests from time to time.

c) Protection aspects

You must put some waterproof body lotion on your body. The lotion should protect you from the sun. You must have body lotions, for your guests also. You must plan for a tent or shade to protect yourself from strong winds. In case, there is an attack of some strong winds then you can take shelter in the tent or shade. You must check out before wedding whether the surrounding on the beach will be noisy or not. Such measurements are better than having a distraction on a wedding.

d) While taking Vows

You must keep your vow short and sweet. You must also ensure that it should be conveyed properly. In the midst of ocean waves and noise of cool breeze, vows taken by you and your partner must be in clear and sweet voice. You can have a microphone for making the sound quality better on the beach.

e) Decorating ideas

For making a sweet and memorable beach wedding, you must go for simple and sophisticated decoration. You must have a shade and you can arrange flowers and affix them on the beach sight. The color of the flowers must go in contrast with the sand color. You must plan all your arrangements in the effortless and trouble-free way. It is better to have a backup plan also.

Remember, your guests should be entertained and the whole event should be impressive rather than hectic and troublesome. There are always pros and cons attached to whatever we do. But keeping all the worst situations in mind and then arranging for the occasion is a better alternative.

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