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Tips And Ideas For Wedding Makeup That You Must Know

A bride’s day is one of the most important days of her life. You should look at the most adorable bride on your special day. Just like your wedding is incomplete without wedding invitations, similarly, your wedding look is also incomplete without perfect makeup. So, choose a perfect makeup for your wedding day that will increase your beauty.

Choose a great make-up artist for your make-up. Many of the bride’s make mistake in choosing a good artist, so avoid this mistake and test them by seeing their work. We’re going to share some tips and ideas for wedding makeup, let’s have a look at it.

Light foundation

Have a great look on your special day by getting perfect makeup. If you’re a light shade tone then use foundation to give you a nice glow. Use a light foundation for a great look. Choose the same color if you are dark and olive skin that will make you look grey. Don’t forget to see the expiry date of the foundation.

Pay extra attention to eye make-up

Do your eye makeup first then apply the base. Applying an eye makeup involves lots of touching on the face and if you’ve already applied a base then it would e spoil. You can use your creativity to enhance the beauty of your eyes in a way that fits according to your wedding theme.

Use liner base

Use the same color of eyeliner for a base before applying eye shadow because the baseliner will cover the empty area if your eye shadow gets fades. You’ve to keep this makeup for 4-5hours on your day, so your makeup may get fade.

Loose powder

If you’re starting with your base then doing eye make-up, make sure you’ve applied a layer of loose powder on your upper cheek area. The powder can easily wipe off your eye shadow spills and fade of the liner without ruining your base.


To pop the eye shadow beautifully use highlighter on your brow bone. Get a perfect highlighter to give you a radiant look, and luminous skin.


Did you know the importance of primer? Your skin tone will end up looking dry and the make-up flaky. Before applying your makeup, prep or prime your skin with a good primer.

Light foundation

Use one shade lighter of foundation, if you have a fair tone type skin to get an amazing glow. Use the same lighter foundation if you have a dark or olive-skinned that will make you look grey.

Eye make-up

Go for bold or loud eye makeup to steal all the attention through your eyes and get adorable wedding pictures.

Lip Balm

Your lips need to be hydrated and moist. To get a rich and smooth color of your lips, apply a coat of lip balm before applying lipstick.

Nail paint

To get a long stay of your nail paint applies a base coat before actual nail paint.

You need to take care of these small things more to get a perfect look. We know you’re a good makeup artist but it’s your biggest day, you can’t take any chance of mistake on your day. So, what’s the tone of your wedding outfit? And don’t forget to share your wedding experience in the comment box.

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