Weddings are meant for celebration, joy, and food. some of us participate in many weddings in a year while people like me can join occasionally the closest wedding in a year. Except for the celebration we need to take care of certain sensitive things like wedding etiquette, feelings of the couple would be. There are so many social concerns too. Don’t annihilate the things by reflecting excitement and craziness. Here’s a basic list of dos and don’ts of wedding rules:

No to social media and society too

Nowadays every couple is eager to let the world know about their engagement. Yes, engagement is as exciting as a wedding. but always keep in mind before sharing the news with everyone consider your closest one around you. Keep yourself away from social media and avoid uploading images and updating status without valid permission of family members. Take a deep breath, be patient and enjoy the moment.

Guestlist: Keep it personal

You can keep your wedding ceremony personal. It’s not necessary to add everyone to your guest list and sending wedding cards to each of them. You can celebrate the special day of the wedding with your closest friends and family. It makes the planning process more convenient and easily enjoyed by all who attend the ceremony. Don’t get affected by the reactions of the others just because they didn’t understand your will.

Open seating arrangement


In modern weddings, couples will not bother about seating arrangements. Seating arrangements are just a formality. They just prefer open seating arrangements. This type of arrangement is best for a small gathering and personal ceremony. This arrangement helps your guests to communicate with others.

Wedding registries


Receiving a wedding registries is great to have, but it’s not essential to offer a wedding registry. Especially the couples who have opted to live together, already have many items. According to the modern trend, you can present a gift card with a certain amount, so they can purchase things according to their needs.

Payment etiquette

Remember the old saying, the bride side will take the responsibility, forget that one. Now in modern times, many families and couples want to pay a section of the expenses or couples to pay on your own.


The bride is the light for the ceremony. Bridals need to be the highlight of the eve. Guests should wear white during the welcome ceremony and black can also be accepted as it adds a touch of fashion trends.

Except for all these, you can also select the bride’s attendant either a woman or a man. Don’t fall for myths and have a look before the bride walks down the aisle. These can be the modern etiquette that will help you to know more about the wedding.


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