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Mistakes while Getting Wedding Cards Designed

Wedding… people have dreamt about this special event of their life for so long. When this is finally happening, the last thing you want is to ruin it with little mistakes. So, for this post, we thought of sharing with you significant mistakes couples do while designing their wedding cards. In all the rush, these might get overlooked and eventually lands you in a significant problem. So before it’s too late, give it a good read and be very considerate in not doing any of these while ordering your wedding invitations.

1.Not starting the process soon enough

Don’t just rush in ordering the wedding invitation 6 or 7 months before the wedding but don’t keep it for the last minute too. It should be ordered 3 to 4 months in prior of wedding date or as soon as your wedding venue is booked. The designers of the Indian wedding cards also need their time for getting the job done. Also, it will leave you with enough time for any mistakes or errors in typing to be rectified.

2. Not ordering different elements

There are so many elements that many couples miss out during the whole process. For instance, in the beginning, when you are looking for designers of Indian wedding invitations online, ask for the samples of your chosen designs. Ordering a sample before helps you in getting to see the paper, printing and their proficiency in designing for real. It is a thoughtful step before placing the big order with them.

Next mistake of not ordering is when couples forget to order address tags. They go over each invitation and make your work a lot easier. Otherwise, you have to write it on your own or hire a calligrapher for doing so.

3. Gathering the address after the order

As mentioned before in many of our posts, that it’s the number of households which determines the order quantity of wedding cards. So don’t go ordering your invitations on basis of a number of guests. Also, don’t keep the task of gathering the address for the last minute. This is one step that should be incorporated in advance.

4. Go overboard with budget

Budget is an important factor to be taken into consideration while ordering Indian wedding cards especially if you are having a wedding on a budget. For instance, ordering a design or the material that is too heavy will add up to the cost. Also, it will add extra cost on postage as well. So be very considerate in choosing every element while placing your order. The best thing for wedding invitations on a budget is digital wedding cards. They are quite cheaper than paper cards.

5. Incorporating too many aspects of Indian wedding invitations

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make that will totally ruin the look of your whole wedding invite. It’s better to stick with the theme and taking it simple rather than including “too many” to make it look nothing less than a cluttered mess. This goes with the theme of the wedding invitations, their colour schemes, the material it is built upon, etc. Balance out things to give it a more elegant and sophisticated look.

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