Live Every Moment of Your Marriage

We all know that a marriage is the most important event in one’s life. And since it happens once in a lifetime it is most lavishly planned and executed in most countries. It is not a one-day affair and is an event most elaborately planned in one’s life. It is the time to materialize dreams you saw as a child. At some places, it is elaborately celebrated so as to please the guests and a wedding instead of being a personal affair reduces to a matter of prestige. Since it is the time to celebrate the union of two individuals for life, the whims and desires of both the bride and groom must be given utmost importance. This, however, is seen opposite in case of many individuals where everything is planned and executed as per the wishes of all the people except the bride and the groom.


At this juncture, the bride and groom must take active participation in planning and execution of their wedding ceremony. Be it printing of wedding invitation cards, selection of outfit and jewelry for the bride, selection of engagement rings, booking caterers, hiring choreographer, hiring a decorator or even shortlisting dishes for the wedding menu, everything should be done according to the preferences of the bride and the groom. And the bride and the groom both must live each moment of their wedding. Right from selection of wedding invitation card designs to the final appearance and everything in between should involve them completely. They must embrace all the things happening around them during this time as this is the only special moment that will happen once in a lifetime and will give you memories for life.

The bride and groom must engross themselves in each function and provide suggestions if any. The wedding that will take place will leave an indelible mark not only on the guests who shall be visiting but most important to them as a bride and the groom. This feeling itself is so overwhelming that they must incorporate their very essence in the wedding through the gifts they shall be giving the relatives, or the signature drinks that they shall be offering or even the dishes in the buffet. It is once in a lifetime experience and please ensure that you have no regrets to carry. Do all what you like and make sure it makes you the happiest couple together.

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