Important Things to Consider Before Finalizing Indian Wedding Cards

Indian Wedding Cards

Indian wedding cards, like every other element of a wedding, it holds its own special place. This is sent to the guests to inform them about your big day and inviting them to bless the couple for this new exciting journey. Not only it holds a special significance in the life of the couple, but it also acts as one enticing factor for guests to attend the ceremony.

Beautiful Indian Wedding Cards
Beautiful Indian Wedding Cards

Here are important things to consider before finalizing your Indian Wedding Card:


Budget is one important factor to consider before finalizing your Indian wedding card. Indian wedding cards come in a very wide range of budget. You can find a designed wedding card which can easily be available for a few bucks and you can even find cards that cost a few thousand. You should know your budget before finalizing the wedding invites.


Indian weddings look like the enchanting riots of colors. Why settle for less when it comes to Indian wedding cards? The conventional Indian wedding cards have very vibrant and bold colors that go well with the whole vibes of celebration. The dominating hues in this category include red, yellow, green, saffron and many more. With a tinge of golden that connotes compassion, traditional Indian wedding cards can lure anyone with just a sight.

The modern Indian wedding cards, however, are designed with more subtle tones. Pastels are the new favorites of modern Indian wedding invites. A matching envelope goes along well.

Decorations and Designs:

Decorations and designs are important factors to consider before finalizing your Indian wedding card. The Indian wedding cards have got a whole range of embellishments ascends the visuals of the card. You have got beautiful stones, gems, threads, mirrors, etc, that can ascend the whole appearance of your Indian wedding invite. Crystals are the new additions and go well with modern Indian wedding cards.

The Card Layout and The Fonts

You have to be very specific about the layout of the card too. You can decide the size and the print of the wedding card which depends upon the number of ceremonial functions for the wedding. You can include all of them in one booklet looking card or can have separate cards for each one of them.

Content is another important point to keep in mind before finalizing the Indian wedding cards. Whether you want to go with the traditional verse or want to personally tweak it, decide accordingly. Color and size of the font are other important considerations.

The Material of the Card

The quality of the paper or the material makes a major difference in the appearance of Indian wedding cards. The high-quality material will obviously look more impressive. There is a whole range of options in the paper you can select for your wedding invite. For more elegant and expensive look, choose handmade papers. They look more regal. Also adding the flair of the former period, you can design your wedding card like a beautiful scroll made up of finest of silk. Add your own tweaks in the wedding invites.

Want to make for a first good impression of your wedding, start with the beautiful Indian wedding invites.

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