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Ideas to Spend Time with Siblings before Wedding

We know how you might not confess but one person or persons you miss the most after your wedding is your siblings. The bond with these “LOVED-ENEMIES” has been like this since forever. But there is no doubt that the thought of “not fighting over remotes” or teasing over habits of cutting the clips of the Indian wedding cards you loved for your wedding, are some of the things that you will surely miss. The “d-Day” is coming soon, so why not make the best of the time left with your Siblings. Here are some interesting and fun-loving ideas for this:

Indian Wedding Cards

A pre-wedding shoot with your “PARTNERS-IN-CRIME”

Pre-wedding shoots are quite trendy, but how fun it would be to tweak it a little. You can have all the romantic pictures with your groom but have a fun photo shoot with your siblings as well. It can be based upon a theme you all can relate too; you can include your cousins as well. You can make use of fun props or even record some moves or create your old childhood pictures again. We, as a generation of today, have so many ideas when it comes to taking pictures. So let your brain takes up the lead with some cool ideas for wedding shoots with your siblings and your heart cherishes those extra moments with them before your big day. You can even add the glimpses of these shoots and the pre-wedding shoot added in your Indian wedding cards as well.

Cooking because you bond over food

Remember how you fight with your younger brother over the leftover cakes of party or last slice of pizza? You surely hate him if he got lucky enough to grab those “extra yummy” leftovers but now you let them have it on your own. So, why not strengthen this bond where it all started, in the kitchen. You with your siblings can cook for your family – dishes, desserts, anything will be fine as long as it is edible. You can enjoy some barbecue nights as well with your family.

Let them have their special corner in your wedding cards

Being the younger sibling or even the elder one, they know you better than you. They know your favourite movie genre and even the dialogues of your favourite movie. They know all your little dreams about this wedding and huge expectation for perfect Indian wedding cards. So, why not let them take a lead? Let them have the design selected or let them have a special corner in the wedding invitations where they can write something personal for you. Bonding over Indian wedding cards is a new idea you can introduce.

The good thing is that you don’t have to run to designers for Indian wedding cards. It’s their duty and you can enjoy all the “leisure time” or the perks of being the bride.

A little vacation with your wanderers

We know how you always want to have a vacation with your siblings. Well, now is the best time to have that thing accomplished from your bucket list. Go on a trip with your siblings. It needs to be all long, three to four days with your “humans” is like the breath of fresh air amidst the wedding preparations.

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