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Ideas for a Stylish and Affordable Bridesmaid’s Gift

Your sister, your best friend, your colleague from the work- these are some of the beautiful girls in your life that make up for the best bridesmaids you could ever ask for. They listen to your midnight thoughts about how you want the perfect design for your Indian wedding cards. They listen to how you are syncing the colour scheme of the wedding decor with your



THEIR DRESSES and so on.

From tolerating your “to be bride” tantrums to supporting your decisions, from helping in all wedding preparations to walking you to every store just to get the “perfect piece” of everything you are looking for, these girls are nothing but the person you can totally rely on.

So, have you given a thought of what you’re getting them as the bridesmaid’s gift? If yes, there you go, girl, and if no, don’t worry. Here is the list of 4 items that you can buy from small markets of India at a budget. They are quite affordable and totally appeals to everyone.

Thread-worked dupatta: A perfect ethnic delight

Dupatta holds the ecstatic beauty of any Indian ethnic wear. The good thing is you can find them in any good Indian wear store. These vibrant delights are quite incredible to look at owing to their intricate threadwork. These beauties go along with several colours and can be paired with any simple and plain suit. Your bridesmaid is surely going to thank you for this. This is quite a thoughtful choice at a budget which will be loved too.

Some pieces of chunky jewellery: To ascend their collection with something bohemian

There is never “too much” of jewellery for a girl. If you are all confused about what gift should be given to your bridesmaid at a budget, then here is your answer. There are many street vendors selling chunky pieces of jewellery like earrings, chokers, neckpieces, etc. All you need is a good choice and best-negotiating skills and TADAAA… you can make the best of the gift for your bridesmaids. You can even order these things online in a sale.

Kohlapuri chappals and Juttis: A beauty-foot wedding favour

These are quite popular gifts which are given to bridesmaids during the Mehendi ceremony as wedding favours. They are quite affordable and come in a whole variety. The good thing is they are classic and not influenced by any trend. Another good thing is they are very comfortable and goes along with any pair of the outfit, skirts-yes, pants-yes, suits-YES which makes them a girl’s go-to pair of slippers. You can easily find them in the bustling streets of cities like Jaipur, Delhi, Jodhpur and more. You can even get from an online store as well.

Sling bags: To add something voguish to their bags collection

These are considered as the girls’ best friend as they look very good, have enough space to carry their STUFF around, are very easy to carry and again look super stylish. So as a stunner bride you can surprise your bridesmaids with these Bohemian and chic sling bags as their gift. They will surely love it. It’s quite a safe choice which might look like the one choice made after a lot of thinking. The boho appeal of the bag will surely bring the idyllic smile on your bridesmaids’ faces.

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