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How to Choose the Best Wedding Cards for your Indian Wedding?

Deciding upon the color, shapes, and size of the Indian wedding invitations doesn’t mean your task is all over. There are several different factors to keep in mind while choosing the wedding cards. There are traditional Indian wedding cards and there are E-invites as well, thanks to tech-savvy. Then there is a cost associated with them. Deciding on the wedding card is no different than deciding the type of wedding you want to have. Easing up your task, we have shortlisted four important things to consider while choosing the best wedding cards for your Indian weddings.

E-Indian wedding invitations or Traditional Indian Wedding Cards

You probably are aware of the fact that many people are now gradually inclining towards digital Indian wedding invitations. But that doesn’t mean the charms of traditional Indian wedding cards made of paper are fading anyway. Both of them have their own flairs which are loved by couples planning to get married. So the first thing is to decide the mode of wedding invitations. Both of them have some advantages and you can consider these points before making any decision:

Is more personal Cost-effective option
Allows you to give cards with wedding favors More scope of being playful
A keepsake and can be cherished a No hassles of postage and shipping
Loved by close family and friends Can be completely customized

You can go for the combination of both as both of them have their own pros. You can have the paper wedding invitations for your close family and friends and for the rest of the guest list; you can go for digital wedding invitations.


This is quite substantial when it comes to choosing the right Indian wedding cards. There is no doubt that you will have an extensive range of option but then there is a huge price range as well. So, if you’re planning to have a wedding on a budget, this becomes more vital. Consider every factor that affects the budget like the designer for your wedding cards, colors, and designs, everything that adds up to or may cut down to costs.


Another important thing that you need to be considered is the content of the wedding cards. What do you want to use- beautiful quotes, personal messages, images or videos in case of Indian wedding E-invitations? Everything, every addition can add up to the cost. So whatever you choose to convey the message, make sure that whatever you choose should deliver the message in the most amazing manner. You can choose different combinations or can stick to one, choose whatever that depicts the love story well.

Vendors for Indian wedding invitations

Next thing is to decide upon the vendors for Indian wedding invitations because you obviously hiring professionals are on a bit of pricey side. But that doesn’t mean you can blindly trust their work. Have extensive research and thereafter proceed with hiring the best designers for Indian wedding invitations online.

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