Etiquettes to Follow while Attending Indian Wedding Ceremony (Invitation)

Indian weddings are considered to be the most charming and colorful ceremonies in the world. These come with various interesting and important rituals depending on the culture and region. That is why many people across the world attend these. When you receive an Indian wedding cards and plan to attend the ceremony, you should be familiar with some etiquette.

Indian Wedding Ceremony

The first thing you should be careful about is the dress. However, it is not necessary to wear Indian attire, though it will be appreciated if you do. Whatever dress you select, it must be modest. When you select clothes, you must avoid black and white. According to Indian culture, black is a symbol of sorrow and white is worn at funerals. Though you will find many attractive dresses in both shades, you should avoid these at an auspicious occasion of marriage. Despite these, you can wear bright color outfits as these are considered auspicious.

If the ceremony is going to be held at religious places, remember to remove shoes before entering. However, socks are allowed, so you can wear these if you do not want to go barefoot. Besides, you will have to wear a handkerchief or scarf around your head inside these places. When it comes to giving a gift, you should look at the Indian wedding invitations to see if there is something mentioned about it. If there is not, you can give a monetary gift to the newly-wedded couple. The last important thing is to make a plan as you will have to stay for at least one week when you attend an Indian wedding.

Well, these are some essential suggestions to follow while attending an Indian wedding ceremony. Though the guest is considered as a god in this culture and your mistakes will be ignored, but you should follow the above-mentioned suggestions to attend the ceremony without any problem.

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