Different Themes for Indian Wedding Cards

Everybody knows the importance of this day which is called a Wedding. It is not just an event but it is a celebration of hearts being tied with a strong knot. It is like a dream coming true for the couples.

This day becomes more exciting when we see a smile on the faces of wedding guests. The happiness flowing all over the place makes this ceremony even lovely. One of the reasons which make the guests glad to attend this event is that they received a really good looking invitation card. This is not a normal piece of paper covered with an envelope. But it is a wedding card which is designed by love.

Nowadays there are several ways to style the wedding card. Different types of themes are available to have the desired design on our wedding card. Are you curious to know about them?

Let us have a look at these themes which are ready to spread beauty on your wedding invitation cards:

  • Laser Cut Cards

Laser machines are used heavily in various industries. Cards which are designed using laser cutters are in demand, because of its detailing and accurateness. It gives eye-catching results.

Various patterns can be selected to be done on the card. These patterns give a really wonderful look. It has all the good things but surprisingly laser cut invitation cards are cheap.

Laser Cut Wedding Cards


Laser cut technique gives a class to the invitation card. These types of cards are fully customizable, which means that you can even choose the color for printing. Gold and silver are commonly used. Laser cut cards are made of special paper which does not burn easily during the process. To keep the card beautiful and eye-catching, a shiny paper is generally used.

You are free to choose the pattern for the card. If you want any special symbol to be designed on the card it can be done using the laser cut technique.

  • Hardbound Cards

Hardbound invitation cards are popular because of their royal and traditional looks. The beautiful cover is made of paper which gives a good feel when touched. These Hindu wedding cards are loved because they are stylish and luxurious.

Indian Wedding Cards


Hardbound cards are made with hard paper. Still, it can be modified in many ways. Multiple colors can be selected to be printed on the card. It can be decorated using material which are light-weight and gives a spark. Rich fabric paper does a great work here of giving the comfy feel.

  • Regular Cards

Invitation card plays a major role in a wedding and regular invitation cards are the best to use. They are pleasing to the eyes. Regular cards can be used on any occasion like an anniversary or on birthday.

Indian Wedding Cards


These cards can be made with various types of papers which like a shimmer coated paper or a silk paper. Customizations can be done before the final printing. Regular cards are awesome because extra materials can be added to them without ruining the whole card. It shows the work of art. Various combinations of colors and designs can be mixed giving a magnificent look.

  • Scroll cards

Nowadays trends and fashion has changed a lot and people are trying to walk with it. We can see every industry changing with the time. Wedding invitation cards have also seen many changes. Nowadays scroll Indian wedding cards are trending and they are getting popular day by day. They look different and stylish. It feels like going to the older times when people used to exchange information using scrolls.

Imagine getting a scroll invitation card and when you open it there your name is printed on it.

Scroll Wedding Cards


Scroll cards are different from cards which are commonly used. We get to see several new things in these cards. Several finish papers can be used in these cards. These cards can hold a lot of information. Traditional font and classic background are mainly used to give a historic look. You can write the information in a stylish format using your own language.

  • Foil stamped cards

Foil stamped invitation card looks absolutely stunning. The card is printed with lots of creativity and love. You can see it when it is in front of you.

Indian Wedding cards


Multiple types of foils are used in it. Colors like gold, silver, rose gold etc can be painted on the card. The beautiful finish on the paper increases the charm. Rectangle and square shapes are very common so, you get to see multiple other shapes here in foil stamped cards.

  • Eco-friendly Invitation cards

Everyone wants a healthy environment. This can be achieved when we start using things which does not affect the atmosphere much. This theme is about the environment-friendly wedding invitation cards. Nowadays an eco-friendly wedding is becoming a trend. You can also order Indian wedding cards which are earth-friendly to take step towards a healthy environment. They can also be customized creatively to give a positive message.


Eco-friendly cards do not use regular paper, because these papers are a result of the cutting of multiple trees. These cards use recycled use to save the wood. Normal inks used in cards are harmful to the environment, because of all the pollutants released by them. Soy ink can be used instead because it is not harmful. It spreads fast on the paper which decreases the usage of ink.

  • Pocket Invitation Cards

Trends keep updating and pocket cards are being loved by everyone. They are little and beautiful looking cards with an ability to give all the invitation information. They are commonly used in weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and house warming parties.


Pocket cards are pocket-friendly which means that they are not expensive. Different shapes can be given to it to make it lovely. It is printed in a way so that the information written on it can be read easily. They look cute and can fit in your pocket easily.

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