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Cool & New Age Ideas for your Save the Date Announcements

Your wedding is probably the most important day of your life and you want to make sure that all the important people in your life are a part of your special day.  This is why you are very keen to make your wedding cards special so that it catches everyone by surprise. You want to make sure that everyone remembers the date by getting these wedding cards and this is why you leave no stone unturned to make these cards very special. 

There are various top wedding invitation designers that can come to your aid in this regard. They will help you with intriguing designs that will catch everybody and anybody by surprise giving them a pleasant reminder to save the date. To help you further in this regard, here is a look at some of the most innovative and classy options that you have in hand:

The Three dimensional effects:

One of the smartest things that you can do with your wedding cards is to go three dimensional. Although, it may cost you some good amount of money but it will definitely make everyone to reserve the day for your wedding.

There are so many options that are available in the 3-D designs but you need to be very careful and make the selection properly. You can also add the 3-D glasses to your wedding cards to make it easier for the recipients to have a look at the design.

Over a chocolate:

Another highly intriguing and innovative idea for you to make everyone save the date for your wedding is by making use of chocolate paper. Get the customized chocolate rappers having your wedding invite while having the delicious chocolate inside it. Especially if you have friends that are foodie and love chocolate, there is hardly an option better than this one.

But you must make sure that the message on the rapper is as delicious as the chocolate inside it.  To make it further interesting, you can get customized chocolates with wedding date written over it that will make it even smarter and cooler. But you must sit with a professional and discuss all the possibilities before executing any such idea.

Bring the bioscope:

Another very interesting technique that you can adapt to is going through the bioscope. You can cover your pre wedding pictures along with all the details of the wedding through the reels. It is actually one of the most innovative and classical ideas that will impress anyone.

But you shall be careful and peculiar while choosing the theme and styles for the bioscope so that you are able to create the right impression on everyone. The professionals will come to your aid in this regard and you shall seek their advice without any kind of hesitation. To make it even more interesting, go for the vintage style bioscopes that people can also keep as a souvenir.

Go the miniature way:

Another very classy and unique style to unfold the news to everyone is by sending them the invite by the miniatures. You shall get to design your miniature along with the date of the wedding that they can keep in their living room. It will keep reminding them of the special date and help them to save time for your special day. It will also help you to have a memory of your wedding in the future when you keep it on your office desk, car counter or anywhere else you like.

Going the balloon way:

If you want to take your guests by surprise, this is the most suitable option for you. You shall get to keep a balloon along with a message to inflate it. Get your wedding invite printed on the balloon. As soon as it gets inflated, the message will appear before their eyes and they will get your special invite. It will help them to remember the date and save the day for you guys. The best option is to go for the heart shaped balloon that will show the love and bonding between the couple and creating a positive impact on the recipient.

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