Content Writing Method for Indian Wedding Card/ Cards

Marriage is an auspicious moment of life and everybody wants to spend this with the closed ones. They should know about it, so they can appear. An invitation is sent for this purpose. It is also a part of modern wedding etiquette. It has also become a sign of status, so a special and elegant invitation should be selected. There are various designer invitations available, but Indian wedding cards has always been one of the favorite choices of many couples. It is available in different designs according to the customs and traditions of the respective religion. That is why it has a huge demand in the international market.

Indian Wedding Cards
Indian Wedding Cards

An Indian wedding card has many aspects making it attractive and content is one of these. It should be clear and pleasing to impress guests and make them excited about the occasion. Generally, content starts with the name of the host. In the Indian invitation, the names of the couple’s grandparents are written as host. These should be written in a standard format. Some people also prefer to mention the name of the native place. If couples or anybody other than parents is hosting the ceremony, it is referred to write “together with family”. If other relatives are hosting the wedding, then their names should be mentioned.

Designer Indian Wedding Cards
Indian Wedding Invitation
Indian Wedding Invitations

After putting the host’s name, there should be a requesting line which should be appropriate since it also has huge significance. This line can vary according to the scale of formality. Guests would like to be invited in a pleasing manner, so it should be written informally. In the next line, the wedding couple’s names should be written without any titles. These should be in bigger fonts for more emphasis. In the succeeding lines, write the date and place of the event. The address of the venue should be written properly without leaving invitees confused.

Well, there is a proper way of writing the content mentioned above. However, it can vary in different cultures and languages. You can also take the help of calligrapher for content. Indian wedding card manufacturers also provide this facility. After preparing content for an Indian wedding card, crosscheck all the details before sending it for the final print.

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