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Bride Returned Inebriated Groom and Barat Empty Handed

Marriages are said to be made in heaven according to Indian sayings and no one leaves any stone unturned to make their special day perfect and memorable. Indian weddings are full of customs, and traditions and several rituals are followed from around one month before the big day. But, we witnessed a special and unique case recently which can set a milestone for several brides and grooms around the nation. The incident took place on Friday, 1st May, where a bride returned inebriated groom empty-handed and refused to marry.

The incident is about a brave girl of Mehda village, residing in the Janjgir-Champa district. It is a small developing district in Chhattisgarh state, but the bride from here managed to take a very big and brave decision even before the process of the wedding could commence. It was the marriage ceremony of Puneshwari, daughter of Raamsharan Yadav with Deepak Yadav, son of Chotelal Yadav. The bride belongs to Mehda village in Janjgir-Champa district and the groom belongs to Mendra in Bilaspur district. On the day the groom’s side came with the Barat by bus and some cars and was welcomed warmly by the bride’s side.

The entire groom’s party was heavily drunk and liquor started to show its effects sooner. They were not able to differentiate what is right and wrong and suddenly started bursting the crackers near haystacks. When the villagers came to know about this, they stopped them and told that it could lead to fire hazards so they should burst at some distance. It enraged the groom’s party and they started fighting with the villagers. After coming to notice about this, the bride’s brother Raghu Yadav with some elderly respected people who went to the groom’s party to appease them. But, it was shocking for them to find everyone heavily drunk including the groom and his accompanying mates.

Raghu returned home and let Puneshwari knew about the incident and the condition of the groom. The bride, showing braveness immediately denied tying the knot with Deepak. She thought about her future and immediately told her parents and other family members that she could not go ahead with a man who is heavily drunk even before the commencement of a marriage ceremony. The most pleasing thing was that everyone including her parents also supported her decision and returned the groom back with his entire party empty-handed.

It was a brave decision and an inspirational step for many more brides facing such an unpleasant situation. We appreciate Puneshwari and her parents, who could take such a tough and brave decision. Girls, facing such situations should learn to take a stand after this incident.

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