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All You Need To Know about Nick Jones and Priyanka Chopra Wedding

Love is eternal, it can happen anytime, anywhere and with anyone. The relationship between Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas proves it right. There are few things which make both of these lovebirds different from any other Hollywood or Bollywood couples. In the starting, they said that it is just a rumor and they are good friends. But as the time passed and news spread, everything got cleared. It got confirmed when they announced their engagement a few days back.

They might even be thinking to order Indian wedding cards online soon. Rumors say that they can marry each other in October. Now we know that they are together and they are not hiding it anymore. There are many interesting things which make this couple special. Here is a list of things which you should know about Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas before they get married:

  • It all started at the Met Gala

Remember Priyanka’s dress which got viral on the internet? Yes, that was the time when both Priyanka and Nick were spotted together. It happened at the Met Gala in 2017. It was clear that they were dating for a long time. When PC was asked about it in a TV show, she said that both of them were wearing Ralph Lauren and they decided to go together. Nice save Priyanka.

  • Nick had this idea

When everybody saw Priyanka and Nick attending the Met Gala together. The best excuse which helped both of them to wrap their relationship was that both of them were wearing Ralph Lauren and then they taught of having fun together. But after Priyanka giving an excuse, Nick admitted that they already knew each before the Met Gala. He also said that it was his that they will wear Ralph Lauren. Priyanka also taught that this is a good idea.

  • They actually met through a mutual friend

We already know that they knew each other before the Met Gala but only a few people know that this relationship could not be possible if they didn’t have a mutual friend. His name is Graham. He worked with Priyanka in Quantico, and also did a film with Nick. We are glad that there was “Graham” who made this connection possible.

  • Nick has an interesting history

Nick is an American pop singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer. He got into fame when he and his brother Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas formed a band; they named it “Jonas Brothers”. They got a lot of fan following until they decided to quit. Nick continued on going solo.

  • This cute couple has an age difference of over 11 years.

The hottest topic for everyone about Priyanka and Nick was about their age gap. You might already have heard the line “Age is just a number”, here it is being proved. Nick is 25 years old while Priyanka is at 36; this makes it a gap of 11 years. But as you know love is blind, it should not be a big problem then. The social media was not so happy about this. Internet got flooded with trolls about them. The interesting thing here is that Nick loves older women. He dated women older than him in the past. And he is now with Priyanka.

  • Priyanka and Nick enjoyed the Memorial weekend together

This was even before the Met Gala. Priyanka and Nick were caught together on a boat with some famous friends like Wilmer Valderrama, Chord Overstreet and Actor Glen Powell. Glen was the person who uploaded a photo with Nick and Priyanka sitting together. This was enough to understand whatever was going on between them.

  • They used to flirt openly on social media

Social media platforms bring people together and guess what this couple used to flirt online without being noticed. Although, many people noticed this who knew that those flirty comments were hinting us something bigger. They liked each other’s posts and appreciation game was also going in the comments. This didn’t get too far and they stopped their flirty activities on social media.

  • Everyone heard when Priyanka was cheering for Nick in a concert

It was after their first visit together to India, they got in a concert where Nick was performing. It was the moment when her love was not just listening but she was cheering him. She made sure to make this concert special for both of them. Not only that, PC was caught recording the performance of Nick in her phone.

  • Priyanka wants to have lots of kids

People always love to plan ahead, especially when they are in a relationship. Celebrities are not different; they also have desires which they want to fulfill. Priyanka Chopra also has plans. One of them is to have a lot of kids. Her fans know how much she loves kids. She likes to have kids around her and she cleared that they will have lots of kids.

  • Finally engaged

After tons of breaking headlines, another news came that Priyanka and Nick are finally engaged. Priyanka’s mom Madhu Chopra revealed all the details of the ceremony earlier. Later the engaged couple shared their engagement picture on social media.

  • The engagement cake was made of 24-carat gold

Their engagement bash and Roka ceremony were special and something made it even more special. It was the engagement cake which got a lot of attention. The three-tier cake was made of 24-carat gold. This cake weighed 15 kilograms. It was too heavy that three people were required to lift it.

  • Everything happened according to Indian traditions

Priyanka and Nick’s joined each other’s hands according to Indian traditions and rituals. It was a beautiful ceremony which included gorgeous and smiling people. After it was done, they had a photo shoot which resulted in stunning pictures. These photos got viral like fire. We think that their wedding will also be organized according to Indian traditions. In that case, we can see beautiful Indian wedding cards with Priyanka and Nick’s name on it in the future.

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