Affordable Destination Wedding Tips For Your Big Day

Think about you and your partner exchanging vows in front of your loved ones at a beautiful location that you always dreamed of. A wedding is the most special and beautiful moment of everyone’s life as two souls start their new life. Are you ready planning your destination wedding without breaking your bank? Make your wedding more memorable by organizing your wedding ceremony at a beautiful location.

Destination weddings are getting trendy now these days, as couples love to celebrate their happiness at a beautiful location. Give a chance to your friends and relatives to relax and enjoy your wedding outside. People get afraid of doing a destination wedding because of their pocket issues.

But do not worry about your pocket, we are here to help you. The most secret to a budget destination wedding is a cut-down on your guest list. If you’re dreaming of a wedding in a beautiful location, read out these tips given below for planning your dream destination wedding on a budget.

Book a location with a package deals

When you go looking for a perfect venue for your wedding ceremony, also ask for offer packages. These offer packages might include the basics like decoration, food, drinks and many more including things like cake and many free things. You’ll also save you lots of time instead of spending on managing all these things.

As we all know, when we get things in wholesale it comes at a lower price than the retail one. Just like this get a destination wedding package then will offer your savings which is great for your wallet. Plan a combine wedding and honeymoon arrangements. Let’s save on both the wedding and honeymoon. You can save more money by planning your honeymoon at your wedding location. Say bye to your guests and then enjoy your romantic time together.

Cut down your guest list

One of the great way to be in your budget line. Just cut down your wedding list, as at weddings some guests are whom you have never seen or unknown to you. Just invite your close friends and relatives, if you’re thinking about what they will think then throw a reception party in your city and invite all of them. Make out a list of your close friends and relatives who are really important for you and then invite them. Try to keep it short and close invites.

Ditch the high seasons

Locations have high seasons during tourism days and prices get raised very high for everything. Do the research and ask people when tourists come most in the year. As hotel management and wedding organizers raise their costs at the time of the high season, avoid planning your wedding at that time.

Book in advance

Another way of saving on your destination wedding is to book your location, catering, drinks, decorator, and many more in advance. To get your location totally as per your requirements and wishes, book it in advance. And also to avoid the problems at the moment and high prices of venues. Plan your budget destination wedding by getting less competitive prices.

Go with E-invite

Wedding invitation cards play an important role in your destination wedding. These wedding invites will be the first announcement of your big day and informing them about your destination celebration. Why not invite your friends and relatives with e-invites? Great way to save your money instead of spending on expensive stylish cards.

Remember, your recipients will only going to use it for seeing date and location then threw it, so why waste that much money on it. Use your destination wedding location picture as your e-invitation background that will help them in getting an idea about your wedding location. Instruct them by your wordings about what they have to carry with themselves.

Avoid using paper and paying for courier the invitation to your guests, just send e-invites that are less costly and leaves a classic impression on people.

Throw your wedding reception party at a restaurant

One of the best ways to save extra expenses on decorations, arrangement, venue and many more. Why not just paying for food and drinks? Look for a good restaurant and book it for your after wedding party. At a restaurant, you just need to pay for services, not for whole things. Try to book an outdoor restaurant that will be great for your wedding reception. You can celebrate all-out with open bar, DJ, buffet and many more.

Consider all your destination wedding options

Sometimes because of big guests list, we can’t have an elaborate wedding setup. Choose your wedding location according to your guest list otherwise, you may face many troubles. Deal with a destination wedding planner who will make great arrangements for your special day.

Avoid organizing expensive groom or bride party

It’s great to have a before wedding party but it’s not necessary to do an expensive one. Or there is no need to do before the party when you’re doing a destination wedding ceremony. If you want to do then make some simple arrangements, don’t go outside throw your party at home or your hotel room. Keep your budget stable by saving on these small things.

Go with DIY decor

This will be best if you DIY your wedding decoration. You will get to know about high prices when you go for a booking. Save your money by making your decoration ideas at home. Take help from online decorations videos and make your items according to your choice.

Hire a wedding planner

Stay relaxed and don’t take the stress of arrangements and bookings, hire a wedding planner who will easily manage all things perfectly. As they also know about the budgets of everything, they will manage all arrangements within your budget line. You just need to give him your guest list and talk to him about your budget then relax they will manage all things.

Enjoy your wedding without worrying about your wallet. Consider these suggestions and get your dream destination wedding on your budget. Share your destination wedding experience with us through your comments.

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