Acid Attack Victim Sonali Mukherjee Ties the Knot

Marriages are always special and bring new life to people always. Whether it is about a common man, celebrity, politician, player or any other, tying the knot is always a golden moment. As I said all weddings are special, but India witnessed a very special wedding two days ago on Wednesday, 15th April 2015, where an acid attack victim Sonali Mukherjee found her life partner and tied the knot with her Facebook friend and electrical engineer, Chittaranjan Tiwari. Both the partners were in friendship from around 9 months and they finally decided to convert this into nuptial.

Sonali is from Dhanbad, Jarkhand and faced a brutal acid attack in 2003 at the age of 18. She was an NCC cadet that time and refused sexual advances of three alleged assailants, because of which they poured the bottle of acid on her face. She was sleeping at the terrace of her home at that time on 22 April 2003, when three of those attacked her. It caused her entire face to melt away and made her partially blind, dead and disfigured. She said, “My life had come to a standstill but Chittaranjan has brought me back the joy and happiness which was lacking,” after getting married.
The groom, Chittaranjan Tiwari is an electrical engineer and belongs to Jamshedpur.

He works with a steel plant in Orissa, and quite impresses with the courage and determination showed by Sonali. He came to know about her through TV and got deeply moved with it. Chittaranjan sent her friend request over Facebook and they start to talk over the phone. After some days he proposed Sonali for a wedding and they finally decided to get married in court. They signed the marriage documents on 15 April 2015 and did court marriage. They will go through all the rituals and ceremonies later after some time.

We appreciate this step by Chittaranjan and hope this will change things a lot. We bestow our best wishes to the couple for a happy married life.

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