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6 Interesting Ideas to Glitter up your Wedding

If you are someone who was fondly in love with glitter while growing up, then you can add the charm of it at your wedding as well. It is one of the most precious ingredients we all loved to play with during art classes. In this post, we are discussing how to incorporate that childish fondness towards glitter in something sophisticatedly real in your wedding. Below are some of the ideas that can be implemented in order to glitter up your wedding:

1. Something glittery in wedding invitations

Wedding invitations are believed to set the tone for the wedding in front of guests; they can entice them with just sight or totally break the impression. Hence you have to be very considerate in choosing the wedding invitations. You can choose wedding cards designs that have shimmery elements in it. This adds new charms to your invites and will totally draw the attention of every recipient.

2.Let the wedding attires have the glittery elements

One classic way to add little shiny sparkles to your wedding is to go for dresses adorned with these shiny elements. The little hints of shimmers in the wedding attire of the bride will surely steal the limelight. If you are not the person who is all into shimmery attires, then you can ask your bridesmaids to have something like that.

3.Delights wrapped in glitters

Wedding favours are nothing less than delights. These little bundles of happiness are the perfect ways of saying thank you to guests. You can add the shiny element here as well by wrapping them in glittery papers or adding something in that context. If you don’t want to go overboard, wrapping them in simple papers and then tying it with glittery ribbons will also serve the purpose and looks beautiful.

4.Edible glitter

Yes, there is this thing called edible glitter which is commonly used in the dressing of foods, especially desserts. So you can have them at your wedding cake or desserts at the wedding. These glittery elements add the shiny intricacy to the whole wedding menu as well.

5.Include shiny centrepieces for tables

If you’re looking for something classic and something distinctive way to add glitter simultaneously, then table centrepieces are the perfect solution. It can be something extravagant like the shimmery table cloth or can be something minimal like a centrepiece with glittery hints. Something as elementary as a mason jar embellished with glitter and filled with colourful stones and pebbles also adds its own charms.

6.Get all playful with signboards

If you’re using glitters in your wedding invitations, how can you not incorporate the same for your escort cards, menu cards, and signboards at the wedding? You can add the glitter there as well. A signboard with glittery border or outline with mesmerising calligraphy will be the perfect way to set an “impression” that can outshine everything.

So these are some interesting ideas to add glitter for whimsical wedding decor. They are quite simple and can easily be incorporated.

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