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5 things bride should strictly avoid a week before to the wedding date

Looking at your Indian wedding cards and thinking, next week this day, you will be tying the knot
with your love. A lot of thoughts and ideas will pop-up in your mind during this last week before the
wedding. as long as these ideas don’t include anything with negative consequences, they are fine. But
anything with the equal probability of going right and wrong should be avoided. Here are 5 things that
the bride should strictly avoid a week in prior to their wedding:

1. A stern No to the Last moment experiment with the new

hair colour
We know that sounds scary but we have stumbled upon these situations several times. No matter how
professionally good your stylist is or how desperately you want the new colour, experimenting that a
week before your wedding is not rational. This kind of decision needs proper timings and planning. You
don’t know whether it will complement your skin tone or not, whether it will go with the wedding look
or not. You can try all these inane ideas, but not just a week before your wedding.

2. Don’t start with a new skincare regime:
We, girls, can never get enough of make-up, and when it comes to our own special day, we tend to go
overboard and being our inane self. We know, we can’t stop you from going overboard but still, we
suggest you to not to try anything new. Any make-up product or any skin regime which you haven’t tried
yet should remain like this for few more weeks. Skin infection or allergy a week before your wedding is
nothing less than a nightmare.

3. A big NO-NO to the new haircut
A new movie released and a new hairstyle gets your eyes all tempted. But this isn’t the right time to
have it. Getting your hair all chopped just because you think it will look as good, a week before your
wedding might turn out to be exactly opposite. It will hamper the look you decided while your salon
appointment and also hampers the routine of your hairstylist for your wedding. There are good chances
that the hairstyle doesn’t look that good on you as well. So, it’s not the ideal time to be playful, at least
with your hair.

4. Leaving outfits trial for the last minute
After dwelling your eyes over hundreds of bridal magazines and scrolling through the internet for so
long, you get the perfect wedding outfit design, the one that hits your eye hard. So when you have

struggled so much in finding the right design, why leave the trial for the very last minute. You can have
the trail in prior and can even collect the dress 10-15 day in prior of your wedding date.

5. Bid adieu to inadequate sleep
We know the excitement and the nervousness of getting married is keeping you on toes. But we would
say that don’t let it hinder your “beauty sleep”. you should not put the stake on your sleep to get
everything perfect. Inadequate sleep is not healthy and also it will make you feel lethargic for all your
wedding ceremonies as well. Also, what’s worst than those puffy eyes due to inadequate sleep, you
surely don’t want it.

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