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5 Styling Hacks for not so “GIRLY BRIDES”

For not so girly “Girls”, the wedding seems to be something very unconventional. You have managed to come up with designs of your Indian wedding cards but when it comes to styling you are out of options. So, for this post, we have decided to come up with 5 styling hacks for not so girly brides. These hacks will help you in going with something that is in sync with your style. So, here it goes

1. We all know how we hate those 5 long inches heel and stilettos that a normal bride dies to wear on her wedding day. Even with all the shoe bites and sore ankles, they love to wear it. But let’s be honest for a not so girly girl who hasn’t even tried it for once in their life, standing for long hours and seems like a task in itself. And as far as dancing is concerned, we can’t even think about it. So don’t go for these aching heels and opt for something more comfortable and painless. The best option that goes with it and also adds up to your chic style is LED sneakers or even the simple sneakers. You can set some good fashion statements while making everything sleek and stylish.

2. Another thing which is suitable for not so “girly” is minimalist jewelry. You can even set up something unique by not going overboard with the accessories. There is no need to load yourself with all the shimmer and glitter. You can sternly follow the rule of “LESS IS MORE” and go for minimalist jewelry. This goes well with your own personality as well.

3. Most of the time, you either let your hairs tied in a bun or a tight braid. Loose ends were always a problem for you and handling it with ethnic bridal wear is the last thing you want. So go for a well-tied bun instead of choosing messy braids or buns. This neat bun is easier to manage instead of messy buns with loose ends. This traditional look can be accessorized to make it more voluminous. The accessories make it look more gracious and elegant. You can ask the hairstylist to show you some of the options.

4. Gone were the days when the brides go for all heavy make-up. Simple make which is your style is trending with some basic make-up fro the face, a nude lipstick shade and Kajal is needed to go along and TADAAA… you are all ready.

5. One of the best things you can have for your weddings is those amazing pair of sunglasses. You can flaunt them in different ceremonies of Indian weddings like Mehendi and Haldi. Even they are best suited for all the outdoor events that take place during the daytime. You can even add them as the wedding favor with your Indian wedding cards as well. So go for wearing some quirky shades that match with the color of your lehenga.

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