5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Ordering Indian Wedding Cards

The significance of Indian wedding cards is not unknown. But with all the preparations going on, it is quite common for couples to make some mistakes while ordering the wedding invites. They are sent to your guests to invite them and be the part of your special day. Any mistakes in them will surely create a bad impression and probably affect the whole joyous spirits of the wedding.

Here are the 5 common mistakes to avoid while ordering the Indian wedding cards:

  1. Spelling Errors

This is one of the most common mistake couples faces while ordering their wedding invites. Hence it is advised to proofread the draft very carefully. Pay close attention to every word, name, address, every particular thing. You should be very careful with the names and the address of the guests. It’s better to carefully check everything twice rather than repenting on it later.

Indian Wedding Cards

  1. Grammatical Errors

Verses are the current favorite inclusions of Indian Wedding Cards. But you have to be very particular in choosing them. Asking for professionals to draft a verse for you with the appropriate wording is a considerable option. You surely don’t want to be a laughing stock for grammatical errors in wedding invites in front of your guests. If necessary, ask your friends or family who have a good catch on grammar to proofread it for you. Don’t be hesitant when it comes to enhancing your Indian wedding card.

  1. Missing out Substantial Elements on Indian Wedding Cards

It’s quite common to overlook the most substantial details in wedding invites. For instance the wedding date or the venue or the time of the ceremony, anything can be missed out in Indian wedding cards. Sometimes even the recipients’ address is missed out. Hence it is suggested to carefully check the first draft. This ensures that nothing is missed out or typed incorrectly.

  1. Over-Ordering or Not Ordering Enough Wedding Cards

Your guest list should be set way before ordering the wedding cards. You should be very clear with the number of cards to be ordered. It should be crystal clear before you give any specific number to your Indian wedding cards designer. This ensures you don’t order more or less than the actual requirement. Though it is suggested to order a bit extra in case there is any new addition to the guest list or in case of lost invites. You should keep an extra stock of envelopes too in case of any addressing mistake. Specifying the number eliminates the chances of over ordering the wedding cards or not ordering enough as per the guest list. Be very particular, the extra stock shouldn’t be bloated too.

  1. Using too Much of Colours

We all know how we love colours. Not only they ascended the aesthetics of Indian wedding cards but possess religious significance too. But this doesn’t mean you use too much of it and just get carried away. You should be very particular with the colour combinations. For example, you can balance the bright and bold hues with something more neutral. Also, don’t use so many colours at one single time. You want to make it look elegant and beautiful, not a connotation of the rainbow.

It’s better to be careful at first than regretting later. Don’t leave any stone unturned to make this life event anything less than special.

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