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5 Best Themes For Your Indian Wedding Card

Adding a theme to your card will make it look more customize and give a feeling that this card was made just for you. Theme weddings are everywhere in the trend right now and if you add this with a themed card it will look very nice and thoughtful.

1. Comic:
We were all fans of comics in our childhood and if you want to bring up that vibe again then you should definitely go with the theme. Comics have stolen our hearts in childhood and you can go for one particular comic that was your all-time favorite and play around with that in your card. It will give your card a very 90’s feel which is so amazing to have.

2. Series:
From F.R.I.E.N.D.S. to Game of Thrones to Stranger things everyone is going crazy after series and no doubt that this is the time of Netflix and series. Having a series of themed cards will get you a lot of attention and admiration. You can make our favorite series the theme of your wedding as well and win hearts. This will give a very millennial vibe to your card.

3. Movies:
There are some movies that are our all-time favorites and no other thing can take its place. Having a card that depicts your love for that movie is an amazing idea. We all have one movie which no matter what happens in our life watching that movie will make everything good again. You can choose that movie or you can also go for a movie that has a lot of memories in your life.

4. Sports:
If you are a sports fan then there is no better theme then sports for you. You can select any game that is your favorite and you never miss a single match of it. But make sure that you choose only one game as if you choose more than one you have to very careful otherwise this will make your card look very chaotic and will not give the same vibe. Your card can tell a lot about yourself so don’t waste it and let people know how much you love sports.

5. Profession:
It is a very underrated theme for wedding cards but doesn’t underestimate this as if you use this properly can be the best theme. The profession that you are in need not be very exciting it can be as simple as a teacher and if you choose the right designs it will look amazing. The chances are that you might not have a favorite movie or series or you might not even be a sports fan but you are surely engaged in some profession, make your profession theme of your wedding card. It will give a very aesthetic vibe to your card.

Incorporating these themes in your card will give a whole new different vibe to your card and it will tell a lot about you and your personality and people of every age will definitely appreciate this innovative thought.

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