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4 Wedding Planning Stationeries you need to have

Indian Wedding, a gala of love and togetherness, traditions and rituals, family and friends all gathered up to celebrate the new beginning of your life. But planning them is one tiresome and tedious task. And when it comes to planning the one’s own, this craziness is a level above. You definitely can ask for help from your friends and family but one thing that can literally be your “LIFE SAVIOUR” in this scenario is WEDDING STATIONERY. Yes, this old school method wherein you have to keep up a diary, a journal, to-do lists, scrapbooks and a lot more helps you in planning the whole wedding easily. So we have shortlisted the essential wedding stationery you need to have for this purpose:

Wedding Journal is a must

There is no doubt that a wedding planner or a wedding journal is a must to keep the record of all the necessary contacts, addresses, and numbers. From the guest list to the list of vendors, this is quite necessary. From necessities to ideas, you can have anything pen down in this. For instance, you can even have little pictures clipped of the designs you like for your Indian wedding cards or for your wedding decor.

To-do lists are necessary

This is another important thing to have in your wedding stationery. Even with a super-organized wedding planner, don’t forget to get these to-do lists. They are super handy to carry around and it also ensures that you don’t forget anything. The best thing is these are coming with the “stick-on” options as well. You can easily carry them around while going shopping and for other stuff as well.

A Polaroid Camera to capture every moment

One pre-wedding gift you can get for yourself is a Polaroid camera to capture the astounding moments of whole wedding planning. You can have this camera click the daily pictures of you getting married. After getting married, you can have a look at these pictures and cherish these memories forever. Every day that leads to a beautiful beginning will be recorded on this camera.

A scrapbook to collect some inspiring ideas

It is one significant thing to grab your hands on while getting wedding stationery. It will help you in communicating your ideas in a better manner with your wedding vendors, designers for wedding invites, bridal outfits, etc and to decorators. Collecting the pictures you like or drawing something you ever wanted for your wedding, can help them in transforming your dream wedding into reality. This good for you and for several thousand people engaged in organizing the wedding.

These stationery things come in very beautiful designs that make your things a lot easier. Seeing them or penning down the things can uplift your mood while keeping everything organized and planned. So, make sure to invest in this delightful wedding stationery. With your Indian wedding cards, you can have these as the “KEEP-SAKE” of your wedding as well.

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