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Some Smart and out of League Options for your Wedding Buffet

wedding food menu ideas

Your wedding is without a jaded shade of doubt a remarkable and memorable moment of your life. So, you want to make sure that the day is special and you put in all your efforts in making the day actually special. You want to make sure that guests that are going home after attending your wedding reception are fully satisfied. It is being said by old and wise people that the way to heart is via the stomach and as such you need to be peculiar about the wedding food menu idea.

You can make a check on the wedding food menu ideas that are available on the internet and select some suitable. There are a number of factors that come into play when you are deciding the menu for a wedding buffet. One of the first things that you shall ponder upon is the type of guests that are coming to the wedding and the food may of their choice.

But in case, you are looking to make your wedding food menu special, here are a few inputs that will help you in the future:

Vegetable along with the Couscous Salad:

One of the things that some of you look to do is give a message by your wedding and if you want your menu to be health conscious, this dish is a superb idea for your main course. Going for the greenery in the middle will show how conscious you actually are about your health. It will also give an inspiration to the guests that have come to attend the reception to be more conscious about their health.
But you shall have a good mixture of veggies and the couscous salad will definitely add taste to the taste buds. You shall have a chat with your family members, friends to know whether it is a smart idea to execute this dish or not. But at the same time, you shall have some of the other dishes that have gravy and taste to make up for the simple plain course. The major reason behind this is that many people in India love spicy food and thus you need to take care of them as well.

Going for the Khichdi menu:

Don’t get confused with the name Khichdi, it does not signify that you have to put Khichdi as your main course. What it rather means is having a combination of various food varieties that are being served in India. If you are high on budget and looking to make the wedding buffet expansive, then this is the best option that you have in hand.

The plain and low in spice South Indian dishes in combination with the high on spice Punjabi tadka will offer something for everyone. You shall add sweet dishes from east as they are most popular. It will take everyone by surprise and no one will go to home without having his favorite dish. In most of the high profile weddings, this Khichdi menu has become popular.

But one of the things that you need to make sure is you hire the chefs that have command on all the dishes. You shall hire expert for every type of recipe. You cannot expect a north Indian cook to help you with the south Indian menu. He will make it spicy and will thus deprive it of the original nature. Similarly an expert in north Indian dishes cannot do justice to the south Indian dishes. So, you need to be smart and vigilant while hiring the chefs as well.

Going for the traditional Indian Wedding menu:

With changing times, the pattern of the wedding menus is also changing very rapidly and thus if you want to make your different, you need to go old school. Chinese have become a prominent part of Indian buffet as well and thus to be different you need to get better of Chinese and continental dishes.
Go for the proper Indian food that was popular during the Rajwada period. Going for the Chapatti immersed in desi ghee along with a platter of vegetables referred to as Chappan Bhog can take anyone by surprise.

But one thing that you need to keep in mind is that people these days prefer low fat dishes and may not be able to consume and digest this menu with ease. So, you need to have a proper chat with your family members, friends and close relatives as well. They can help you whether it is smart or not to go with this very Idea.

10 Songs A Groom and Bride Should Dance Together To Make It a Miraculous Hook


“Wedding”…feeling modest..ya..happens me too ….when we say wedding ..our thoughts roam around grand fantasies…lots of a giggle, Masti , dance, and lots of fun..and sense butterflies in the stomach isn’t it?

You know what, no matter how many weddings you have attended before, or how many times you have a bridesmaid. There are some points you just don’t find out about until your wedding day. Those memorable days of a wedding are just awesome, lagan, Mehandi, Haldi, all happiness under one roof centered towards only two-person, but a wedding is never complete without one thing, can you guess what-Obviously dance.

So Here We are giving you the list of beautiful songs on which you can make your day more special. And Your Dadi Nani Dhumkas will be more dramatic.

  1. Aaj hai Sagai: This song is evergreen and can be beautifully Portrayed by Brides sister and Groom’s brother .one of the most lovely romantic song.

2. Mehandi Lagake Ke Rakhna- The song which is less a song but more of feelings captured in words, is irreplaceable. The soulful voice of lata Mangeshkar Ji and Bala Subhramaniam adds cherry on the cake.

3. Sadi Gali –Here comes the real Dhumka for your beautiful wedding. It not only makes you dance like mad on the floor but also empowers you so it had to be in my top list of utmost enthusiast wedding songs.

4. Morni Banke- The music release of Badhaai ho song Morni banke is perfect in the lead up to the wedding season in India as the music is all about the fun and celebration of different movements within that and do not require any further appraisal for their excellent resolution.
The Mix of Guru Randhawa with co-vocalist Neha Kakkar will pluck your hearts in one go. (and your guests of obvious).

5. Suit Suit Karda- This Punjabi song is classic from the groom. Current Favourite Punjabi song. Each track is unique and has a different mood to it. It contains a range of emotions.

6. Badri ki Dulhaniya– The title track “Badri ki Dulhaniya” lifts the mood of the album with its perky beats. when it comes to shadi and Dulhan ki bat na ho is not up to the mark. And I know she is overjoyed when she listens to this enchanting song on her special day.

7. London Thumakda– The song which constantly makes her realize that now she belongs to her husband and when she dances, entire London dance with her.

Wedding Da Season Hai – When it’s the season of a wedding then “wedding the season hai” is on utmost priority. It is one of the famous Bollywood song featuring Shilpa Shetty and sung by Neha Kakkar and Mika Singh.

9. Sweety Tera Drama – Little bit drama is very necessary for every wedding The Song is powerful and pumps in enough enthusiasm in the hearts of some tedious people as well.

10. Ye Galiya ye Chobara – And the wedding when ends, leaves a girl crying…half because of happiness and half because of sadness. this song reminds me bride is like a flower bud to her parents always and she is still innocent. Very Emotional Doli song Ye Galiya Ye chaubara is striking.

If you are Looking for Beautiful & designer Indian Wedding Invitations, Just reach out to us and we will make sure you get customized & wedding invitations that will memorize you!

Sapthapathi Manthras and its meaning

Sapthapathi Manthras and its meaning

The Sapthathi Manthras have a lot of value in the Hindu culture and the seven steps taken by bride and groom define the seven forms of life. As per Yalgnavakya Smrithi which is Hindu law code, when the seventh step is completed, they officially, legally and spiritually become a couple.

Every step has a meaning and aesthetic connection of its own and here is a detailed look at the same –

1 Step for Groom – The first step taken by the groom affirms that the bond of love becomes stronger between the couple. The groom offers to provide welfare and shelter while seeks food and care from the bride.

1st step for bride – The bride submits herself to her groom taking her as her lord. She takes charge of the food and assigns the financial responsibilities on the husband. She also affirms that she will do all the duties that welfare her family and children in future.

2nd step for groom – In the second step, the groom asks for strength and courage from her partner and takes the promise that they will fill the home with happiness and joy together.

2nd step for bride – The bride promises to help the groom with courage and strength in the second step. She says that she will cherish the happiness of her lord and will make sure that the family is happy and smiling.

3rd step for groom – The third step is the step of faith where the groom promises to look upon all the other women as her sisters. He also affirms that he and his partner will take care of children and family.

3rd step for bride – The bride also devotes herself completely to her lord and takes the oath that all the other men are now her brother. She promises that he is her joy and happiness now.

4th step for groom – By walking the 4th step with his partner, he thanks the partner for bringing sacredness and auspiciousness in his life. He pledges to make his children noble and high character along with his wife.

4th step for bride – The bride pledges to his husband that she will put in every effort which is required to please her lord.

5th step for groom – In the 5th step, the groom thanks his partner for enriching his life. He asks for long life of his partner and loved ones.

Step 6th for bride – The bride while taking the 5th steps takes pledge that she will be there in the happiness and sorrows of his husband. She also affirms that she will carry out his wishes.

Step 6 for groom – In the step 6, the groom asks his bride to fill his heart with happiness and joy throughout his life.

Step 6th for bride – The bride on the other side promises his partner that she will be with him in all kinds of situations and conditions.

Step 7th for groom – In the step 7, the groom affirms that they have now become eternally linked to each other. He says that she is now completely his and offers all his life to the partner taking the marriage to the seven forms of life.

Step 7 for bride – The bride also affirms that now she is completely his partner and they will remain truthful to each of the above promises given by them to each other.

The completion of the 7th step marks the completion of marriage as per the Hindu laws and it is the most pious form of marriage. It is one culture where the union is not limited to one life but it becomes eternal. It is where the connection is with families and not only the two individuals. The couple becomes one form and they share the same joy, same strength, same love and same taste. They promise to face the hardships together, enjoy the joys together and make their kids noble and rich at heart by enriching them.

11 Most Creative & Regaling Wedding Invitation Ideas That Will Move Your Heart for Sure


Right after saving the perfect date for your wedding, the first and the most important thing that you should do is plan your wedding card. Of course, it is a time consuming procedure therefore, you must plan everything related to cards as quickly as possible. Believe it, you don’t want to leave this task for the last minute. 

Surely, we are living in a world of WhatsApp & Instagram, where a lot of people prefer inviting their guests to their marriage and reception parties through these online mediums or apps. But, in the majority of countries in Asia such as India, people still use the wedding invitation cards to invite their near and dear ones to their marriage functions. 

Well, you have to agree, a creative and heart-warming wedding card will be a multitude times better than an invite through online mediums. It has its own elegance, affection, charm and impact on the receiver. 

Nowadays, wedding invites are not simple, unattractive and plain letter which a short description about the event. Over the years, the patterns, the designs, the printing methods, etc have evolved wonderfully. In today’s times, the wedding designers have paid painstaking attention in designing the most amazing cards of the century. The market is full of creative ideas to use to design a perfect wedding invite.

To help you in finding the most dazzling and stunning wedding invitations, here is a list of the eleven most creative and regaling wedding card ideas that will surely move your heart. 

  • Laser Cut Invites – Laser cut invites are affordable, elegant and high quality, which makes them a perfect choice for your big day celebration. You can get simple as well as intricate laser cuts to woo your visitors with the detailing and shapes that you can only get on a laser cut card. 
  • Traditional or Regular Invites– Well, you must be wondering why go for regular ones if you are planning to try something creative. Well, the designers have worked on the traditional patterns and have given a touch of modernity to the regular patterns, which make them totally innovative and affordable, at the same time. 
  • Hard board Invites– Of course, the hard boards look classy and luxurious. If you are planning a regal wedding & budget is not a problem then these hard board invites are the perfect option for you. These are elegant in elegant colours and good quality paper. 
  • Scroll Invites– These are the most creative and fun invites. Yes, you must remember watching in movies, where kings use to send message to each other in forms of scrolls. Well, the famous wedding card designers have innovated the idea & have made it a lot more beautiful than it was. You can use wooden or paper boxes or bottles to send scroll wedding cards to your near and dear ones. It will be remembered forever. 
  • Divided Invites– Yeah, of course you may have a series of events such as mehndi, sangeet, engagement, prayer ceremony, marriage, reception, etc. You don’t want to create a mess with getting separate cards for every occasion. So, you can actually add pages to your original card for every event and all of them can be covered up by a single envelope. You can also choose the colour of pages according to your events such as “green for mehndi” or “red for marriage” etc. If you don’t want to invite someone for a particular event, then just take off that particular page for the original card. This idea is really smart and creative & it is running successfully in all parts of the world. 
  • Matt Finish PaperInvites – Nowadays, the matt touch is getting really trendy. It is really creative idea to apply matt finish to your wedding cards. It gives a more graceful and elegant look to it. If you want to create some impression on your guests, then this is the best choice. 
  • Shimmery Invites– These shimmery invites come with glossy gold prints and are beautifully decorated with rhinestones, onall sides. The card is in open flower style, which makes it really appealing and fascinating. So, if you enjoy floral patterns, then you would definitely love this creative idea. 
  • Box Envelope Invites –These are a little expensive but truly a delight to your eyes. They come inside beautiful box type envelopes made from texture paper. It has a magnetic strip on which the name of the bride and groom is printed. The self-texture printing method is used to add elegance to the design. Since, the box is so attractive therefore it encourages the guests to read the entire card, with interest. 
  • Carry Bag Invites –These are one of the latest ideas in the market, in the current times. It is really interesting to see how a carry bag has been evolved as an envelope in which you can place your invites safely. It also comes with carry bag holding threads which actually look really cute. 
  • Monument Invites –Another great idea to use! For instance, you have planned to or have already visited a particular city or place with your someone special, so you can actually use the cut outs of the most famous monument of that city, & use it to design your wedding cards. This is something unique as well as romantic, at the same time. 
  • Foil stamp invites –Another idea that is getting really trendy in today’s times is the foil stamp wedding cards. In these, you invite is placed under the foil to avoid bleeding of colour on the main page. This gives a smoother finish to your card & makes it more attractive and shiny. 

Well, if you are about to get married and you have no idea about – how to pick the best wedding card then you can choose any of the mostcreative & regaling wedding invitation cards ideas mentioned above, as they all can move your heart for sure!

Cool & New Age Ideas for your Save the Date Announcements


Your wedding is probably the most important day of your life and you want to make sure that all the important people in your life are a part of your special day.  This is why you are very keen to make your wedding cards special so that it catches everyone by surprise. You want to make sure that everyone remembers the date by getting these wedding cards and this is why you leave no stone unturned to make these cards very special. 

There are various top wedding invitation designers that can come to your aid in this regard. They will help you with intriguing designs that will catch everybody and anybody by surprise giving them a pleasant reminder to save the date. To help you further in this regard, here is a look at some of the most innovative and classy options that you have in hand:

The Three dimensional effects:

One of the smartest things that you can do with your wedding cards is to go three dimensional. Although, it may cost you some good amount of money but it will definitely make everyone to reserve the day for your wedding.

There are so many options that are available in the 3-D designs but you need to be very careful and make the selection properly. You can also add the 3-D glasses to your wedding cards to make it easier for the recipients to have a look at the design.

Over a chocolate:

Another highly intriguing and innovative idea for you to make everyone save the date for your wedding is by making use of chocolate paper. Get the customized chocolate rappers having your wedding invite while having the delicious chocolate inside it. Especially if you have friends that are foodie and love chocolate, there is hardly an option better than this one.

But you must make sure that the message on the rapper is as delicious as the chocolate inside it.  To make it further interesting, you can get customized chocolates with wedding date written over it that will make it even smarter and cooler. But you must sit with a professional and discuss all the possibilities before executing any such idea.

Bring the bioscope:

Another very interesting technique that you can adapt to is going through the bioscope. You can cover your pre wedding pictures along with all the details of the wedding through the reels. It is actually one of the most innovative and classical ideas that will impress anyone.

But you shall be careful and peculiar while choosing the theme and styles for the bioscope so that you are able to create the right impression on everyone. The professionals will come to your aid in this regard and you shall seek their advice without any kind of hesitation. To make it even more interesting, go for the vintage style bioscopes that people can also keep as a souvenir.

Go the miniature way:

Another very classy and unique style to unfold the news to everyone is by sending them the invite by the miniatures. You shall get to design your miniature along with the date of the wedding that they can keep in their living room. It will keep reminding them of the special date and help them to save time for your special day. It will also help you to have a memory of your wedding in the future when you keep it on your office desk, car counter or anywhere else you like.

Going the balloon way:

If you want to take your guests by surprise, this is the most suitable option for you. You shall get to keep a balloon along with a message to inflate it. Get your wedding invite printed on the balloon. As soon as it gets inflated, the message will appear before their eyes and they will get your special invite. It will help them to remember the date and save the day for you guys. The best option is to go for the heart shaped balloon that will show the love and bonding between the couple and creating a positive impact on the recipient.

20 Awesome Wedding Invitation Card Ideas

20 Awesome Wedding Invitation Card Ideas

If you are looking for some amazing wedding card invitation to create a dazzling invite for your guest and complement your person style, then you have a plethora of great examples to suit yourself. If you are millennial bride or groom, then you have some exceptional wedding invitation ideas from top Indian designs to make your pick from. You don’t have to compromise on the quality, beauty and creativeness. Some of the alluring wedding invitation card ideas are given below:

1. A flap card design: Rather than going for separate inserts, you can pack the invites with details of every function in a single card in a playful manner. Just flap it up to look at the details.

2.     Include a pop-up element: Pop-up cards are fun and they make your wedding invite unique and amazing. The card with pop-up add delight and newness to your invitations.

3.     Nature infused cards: The card with themes of nature or tree of life brings in a subtle and natural feel to your wedding invite. It adds auspiciousness and charm to your card.

4.     Formal cards: Setting up a formal card is the best thing you can do if you are having a quiet wedding. Or if your wedding invite majorly includes professional contacts, then a formal wedding card will suffice your purpose.

5.     Trending theme: Going for different geometrical patterns is a hot trend in the wedding world. Choose quirky and happening invite words for your guests and make the perfectly creative wedding invitation for your friends and family.

6.     Cute sketches cards: You can get the sketch of the bride and groom made on the card in a funny manner and create a unique look for an Indian traditional invitation card.

7.     Gorgeous picture to create a unique card: Though you may over-personalize your wedding card. But just holding your partner’s hand and getting it clicked can make your photo invite unique.

8.     Bold and beautiful text: While people may choose bold and bright colors and patterns, but the text is the main design element of any card. The front and back are important to pay attention to. Pick the best font for your card and highlight the front and back with a nice balance.

9.     Rustic cum modern: If you use the fonts cleverly, you can create a perfect unique card. The lack and burlap add tinge of rustic to a modern invite.

10.  Art décor: Include the theme of Great Gatsby to your wedding by enriching your card with beautiful décor.

11.  Peacocks: Though peacocks have more often been used in Indian wedding cards but use it with a modern twist. Get an updated peacock look for your wedding card and add a modern touch to your conventional wedding card.

12.  Colors: Whether you choose red and golden, blue or golden, golden or white, these the best colors which can transform any card to a wonder.

13.  Simple yet elegant design: You can choose Jaipur based invite design by highlighting the borders of the card with a touch of gold to give it a unique look.

14.  Celestial: Celestial cards are quite in vogue these days. Add glitter and shine to your card by adding celestial décor to it.

15.  Folding cards: You don’t always require a double fold card. Sometimes you can go for fold out card to showcase the different events of your wedding.

16.  Laser cut cards: Opt for beautiful floral designs or patterns to craft the best laser designs for your card and give your card a ravishingly unique appearance.

17.  Trending acrylic invite: Acrylic has become a major trend at the weddings in India and this card looks beautiful with the insert material.

18.  Scroll weddings: Scroll weddings cards have been quite popular in India since ancient times. They are always in vogue and showcase king size wedding arrangements.

19.  Box invites: Box invites are always very popular for those who wish to set up a grandeur for themselves

20.  Religious cards: You can pick up cards suitable for your culture, religion and theme. There are several designs for Hindu, Muslims, Christians and Sikh wedding cards available online to make your selection from.

So, make your decision wisely and pick the best wedding card invitation for you. 

Impress Your Guests With These Fantastic Muslim Wedding Cards Designs


An Islamic wedding, also known as nikaah, is a combination of age-old traditions, rich customs and rituals. Every ritual has its own meaning and importance and is conducted in the presence of near and dear ones who are the witness of the holy union of the couple. Thus, Muslim wedding cards are a true reflection of the amazingly rich culture and traditional customs of Islam. It is the best way to announce your upcoming nikaah to the world. It is the beginning stage to start your ceremony preparations. Thus, every card is artistically designed and drafted showcasing symbols, colors, texture, patterns and designs which are related or synonymous with Muslim weddings.

Muslim Wedding Cards

Here are some highly fantastic Muslim wedding cards designs which you will find suitable for you, take a look:

1.     The Square Card

It is like receiving a box of chocolates, but surely more special. The brilliantly laser cut wedding card invites in a square card with dua side openings reveal a beautiful message in well-thought of font. Include a RSVP card so that your guests can easily put themselves on the invite list.

2.  Pink Delight

Nothing is as soothing and pleasing to look at, other than a wedding card in pink color, especially when taking the shape of a bunch of laser cut design. Decked with two overlapping circular designs which make the front of the card, the card impresses everyone with its elegance and simplicity.

3.   The Laser Cut Marriage Card

If you are literally looking for something extraordinary and unique for your D-day, then the laser cut card will immediately catch your attention with the brilliant artistic design, its take on the space used, symmetry etc.

4.  Traditional with a Twist

Sometimes you don’t want to go for anything fancy but stay traditional and classic. Well, you have these classics for you, which are a brilliant singular example of laser cut beauty. The card has brilliant font, color and design to showcase your royalty. It is very beautiful and adds a touch of class and elegance to your wedding.

5.  Simple yet Chic

In case you don’t want to go wild in trying to be advanced or up to date, this blue card with one side golden design is a phenomenal choice to impress your guests and scream out to the world that you are planning your wedding. It is an amazing wedding invitation for someone who want to keep it simple yet stylish.

6. Indigo Blue and Grey

Blue and grey evokes memories of the clouds appearing on the sky on a beautiful rainy day. And, just imagine… if the combination can work for nature, then what wonder will it bring to your wedding card. In fact, it will do more than that. So, include this card as a masterpiece for your wedding invite.

7.  Gold Extravagance

If you just want to get grab the best for you, then a sober gold card is the best pick for this season. It is quite elegant. Team it with the perfect shade of blue, red or white to make your invitation mesmerizing.

8. Card within Card

Yes, it has been quite in vogue in the past few years. It is a simple, eternal, entirely enigmatic and elegant option. Yes, card within cards is recommended for those who want to send the invites for different events together. It is an eye candy to see so many events happening for you.

9. Pure White Card

Nothing soothes the eye more than purity. And, white is the epitome of purity. So, going for a white card is certainly the best option for you. Elegant golden border adds to the charm and enhances the beauty of the invitation card.

10. Pretty in the Red

The color combinations of red with golden, blue or white brings out the rustic appeal of the string. The elegance and the beautiful cut design make it the most amazing pick for anyone who is looking for a unique wedding card invite

So, these are some of the options which you can choose for your Muslim card invite. Pick the one you like the most and book your wedding cards online now from the comfort of your home.

10 Things You Should Know Before Ordering Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation

There’s no turning back once you have made a decision. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life & your wedding card will set the tone for it. It will ensure that your visitors are excited to be a part of the celebration. So, here are the ten most crucial things that you must consider before ordering your wedding invites –

Wedding Cards
  1. Think Better – Did you try to envision your big day? Whether it’s a black-tie reception or a gorgeous day wedding? Will it be a private affair or a great grand celebration? Write down a list of things that you think of when you imagine your big day. This list will help you in narrowing down the best card for your wedding. 
  2. A Theme Party  – Are you planning a traditional wedding or you want to try a destination wedding? Do you want to do a theme reception party with cool monograms? Well, if it is so then these ideas should be included in your final design. 
  3. Number of invites – Well, this is a very important factor. You need to understand that the actual number of cards you may need will be less than the number of guests you are going to invite. As some cards, will cover the entire family. For instance, if you have to invite a couple with kids, then only one card will be used. So, for example, if it’s a 200 people gathering then maybe you’ll just need 120 cards. 
  4. Relevant stationary pieces – Would you want to attach something like a short note to help people with directions? Or maybe you want to customize the whole invite for your guests, if it’s a private wedding. You can even consider adding ribbons, envelope liners, etc. 
  5. Colours – You should really think a lot before deciding the final colour of your wedding card and of course of the fonts to be used on it. You want it to be different but the clarity is also important, so think twice before picking one. 
  6. Plan your budget – It is very important to be clear about your budget with your card planner. You need to discuss about the entire cost – printing, customization fee and shipping charges, etc before making a final pick. Try hard to find an invite that you will adore but it should also fit in your financial zone. 
  7. Who is the host? It is very important that the cards should be expressing the feeling of the one who is issuing them. The words should be framed with great care to avoid any sort of hard feelings and embarrassments. 
  8. Method of printing – You need to understand that there are a variety of printing methods that are being used these days. You must make an appointment or request for samples of different printing methods so that you can choose the most appropriate style for your wedding card. 
  9. Think of the pattern – Of course, the patterns! Whether you are into floral, geometrical or in to boxes or anything else, you need to think about it. You must check out different patterns in different colors as samples first because once you have made a pick, there’s no going back. 
  10. It’s your choice! – Yeah, this is the last and most important factor that you should never fail to forget while shopping for your wedding card. Of course, there must be many friends, relatives, wedding planners, etc who will try to suggest what they think is good for you. But, always remember that it is your wedding day and the choice is totally yours. Learn to say no to the suggestions you hate & defend your choices.

So, have you already picked up the date for your big day celebration? If yes, then the time is too little and the options are countless. Therefore, it is important to take some time off your busy schedule to pick a wedding card. It’s not just a paper that you need to invite your guests, it is the most important memory of the biggest day of your life. So, you must carefully study and follow the above mentioned things before placing an order for your wedding card. Hope, these points will help you in finding the best wedding card, ever!

Traditional Wedding Cards V/s Digital Invitations


We all have been there stuck where we have to choose between digital wedding cards and traditional wedding invitations made of paper. You probably have thought about going with the latter because of options you have when it comes to design but may have backed out thing how convenient and easy the former is.

There is no doubt that e-wedding invitations are incredibly handy when you are planning to save yourself from a little hustle of traditional wedding cards. You can send them easily, can even make the updates more easily, but as easy as they are, they can easily be forgotten or ignored many times. That’s not the case with traditional Indian wedding cards. you can send them to the personal address of every guest. But then again, more paper invites means more cutting down of trees. Paper invitations are far from eco-friendly practices we have to adopt. Each mode has its pros and cons. But we are here to tell you more about the pros and the benefits of each of it.

How digital wedding invites and wedding websites are beneficial?

  1. First of all, it’s cheap

Yeah, choosing the E-Indian wedding invitations is not just an economic decision, instead, it is literally cheap. If you have got a friend who has a little know-how of web designing, then it is absolutely free. If you are planning to have a wedding on the budget, then you can save up a lot on your digital Indian wedding cards.

2. Second thing is you can get immediate RSVP

Another advantage of Digital wedding invitation is that you can get immediate RSVP. Unlike traditional paper wedding invites, that takes days and weeks to reach via postage, you can immediately send the wedding invite to all your guests. The good thing is we all are phone addicted and check our emails regularly. This ensures your guests can easily check the mail and can immediately revert back. You can easily know. Within the real-time, you can get to know the expected number of guests. This makes the further planning much easier and accurate.

3. Everyone can see who all are coming

There are e-invites which let the people see the guest list as well. This could be your pro and con as well. But if we talk about from the guest’s perspective, they definitely want to know who all are invited and who all are coming for real.

4. Updates can be made easily

Due to any unforeseen event or unfortunate circumstance, if the couple has to change the timings or place, informing guests is much easier with digital wedding invitations. It’s just a matter of few clicks on the screen. The invitation date might be synced to their online calendar and they immediately get the reminder of any updates or changes. The good thing is everyone gets it at the same time, so you don’t have to worry over whom all are informed about changes.

5. Extras will never stress you

The guest list has the tendency to bloat up at the last minute. With paper invites, you have to place the order again and then you will be charged comparatively higher than the first time for those extra wedding cards. There is no such thing with E-Indian wedding cards. You don’t have to spend any penny even if your guest list bloat and get twice.

6. They are equally mesmerising

There is a common thing that makes couples quite hesitant about online wedding cards and website which is they aren’t that appealing. To be honest, they are perfectly pretty and alluring at the same time. You can have many media files attached to them. They are paperless and hence you can make all the changes without wasting anything. One more thing, they are very trendy and not only the commoners, but many celebrities are switching to this mode for inviting their guests for the wedding.

How traditional Indian wedding paper invitations are beneficial?

  1. A style is the first thing you get of paper invitations

One of the best things about traditional Indian wedding cards is the styling flair you get with them. It is more elegant and carries that old-school charm with it. These wedding cards are more special and cherished by guests than a formal digital wedding invitation. Moreover, there are options in which you can make your wedding invite useful for them as well. For instance, a stylised wooden box carrying your invite will later be used by them in storing things too.

2. Everyone has a home address, not everyone has an email address

Yes, this might come as a big shock to you but not everyone has made a digital presence. Your grandma or great aunt or the friend who just doesn’t like to be present on any social media platforms, how are you going to tell them about your special day? It’s not necessary that every person in your guest list is digital-savvy or is present on the same network. That’s where digital wedding invitations fail and may end up burdening you more. The good news is there is no such thing with traditional Indian wedding cards made of paper.

3. It’s more private

What we mentioned earlier about online wedding invitations and how they turn out to be a little disadvantageous for you is that your guests have the view access over the guest list. There are no such thing paper wedding invitations. Sending the invitations physically has less of a risk involved of being exposed. Traditional wedding invitations are more personal and depict how much you put the efforts into the part of the event.

4. These are the “keepsake”

Traditional wedding cards are printed on paper or veneers. They have this unique advantage of to be held physically, admired and even cherished as a “keepsake” of your “D-day”. They are the best possible way in which you can add something more personal of yours at your wedding. your parents, friends and family will surely cherish it for long.

Now you can easily analyse, which mode is ideal for you to choose when it comes to your Indian wedding cards.

Top 10 Pocket- Friendly Places in India for Your Destination Wedding


Wedding is the most important day of your life and you want to make sure that it is perfect for you. In recent times, the trend of the destination wedding is increasing quite rapidly. Most of you are looking to get engaged to your loved one at a beautiful destination. But before going for a destination wedding, there are various things that are needed to be put into consideration. The most important of it being the place where you want to get wed with your loved one. Here is a look at the top 10 budget-friendly places where you can get married with your loved one in India:


If you ask me personally, what is the best place in India for a destination wedding, and then my answer will be Goa. The feel and attitude of the place makes it an ideal destination for wedding and will be a very good option for you especially when you are living in western India.


If you are willing to have a marriage in a cold chilly hill station, then Manali is the perfect place for that. To make it even more special, you can go for traditional Kangra style wedding that you will cherish for lifelong whenever you will look back at your wedding album.


It may sound a bit stupid with Mumbai being such a crowded city but that does not take away the fact that it is the most beautiful one as well. There are many who dream of getting married near the gateway. The best thing with getting married in Mumbai is that it is well connected to all parts of India and there will be no problem to reach there.


Another place blessed with the beauty of nature that would be perfect for you to get married with your partner. The natural beauty of the place will make anyone to get in love with it which is why a lot of couples in India chose Ernakulum as their Ideal wedding destination.


The most obvious choice in this list is Agra for the simple reason of it being the city of Taj Mahal. Especially if you are from UP or other nearby areas, it will be pocket friendly for you as well. To add to this, the beauty of Taj Mahal in the background will make the wedding so very special and confining for you and your partner.


There is another very popular wedding destination in the lap of nature that is also quite affordable and it is called Rishikesh. Especially if you are looking for an adventure based wedding, then getting married in the valleys near Rishikesh is probably the best idea that you have in hand. This is why there has been an increasing trend of marriages in the Rishikesh region in the recent times.


Another wedding destination in the lap of nature where your wedding ceremony will become very special is Mussorie. The place is located in the lap of nature and there is a lot of scope for classy and stylish photo albums in the place.


Another place related with architecture and ancient beauty is Khajuraho which is also known as the traditional treasure of Maharashtra. If you are looking to go for a traditional Marathi wedding, then Khajuraho is probably the obvious choice for you.


If you count by the number of weddings, then Udaipur will probably top the list for the wedding destination in India. But if you are looking to go for the King style wedding in Udaipur, your budget may overflow. So, it is not highly recommendable as a budget friendly destination. But if budget is not a problem and you want to have a grand wedding, then must be the obvious choice for you.


If you are looking to have a proper south Indian style wedding with all the rituals, then Madurai is probably the best place for you. The place is famous for its natural beauty as well as gigantic temples that make it an ideal wedding destination and making it a perfect foil for your wedding ceremony.

How To Pick Attractive Wedding Cards To Mesmerize Your Guests


So, if you have decided to move ahead in your life by opting for getting married soon, then truly you are taking one big step. If your wedding has been affixed, then the first thing you need to do is focus on your wedding invites. The youth of today wants to pick the best and most appealing wedding cards not just to mesmerize the guests but also to make it a memorable experience for them too. Here are some tips to pick attractive wedding cards for you:

  1. Design is the king, match it with your style

An elegant design works best for your Indian wedding card. The design has the power to bring zing and glamor to your wedding invite. You should opt for inventive traditional and western design or even choose the design as per your wedding theme. If your wedding is being organized on a particular theme, then you should go for a theme-based design. Other trendy designs comprise of cake box invites, scroll invites, passport-style invite, caricature style invitations, pagdi box invitations, birdcage invitation and so many more. You can choose any design which you like for your wedding.

2. Colours are important when you select wedding cards

Colors play a major role when choosing wedding invites. Colors have the power to make your card appealing, eye-catching and elegant. Hence colors should be chosen as per your preference. The blend of light and bright colors is one of the most common picked invites by people. You can also use more than two shades for your wedding card, but do not overshadow your card with too many colors. The right choice of colors on a wedding invitation is very important as the wrong choice of colors may harm your custom. For instance, in a Hindu wedding, some colors are restricted to be used such as black while other colours such as pink, gold, red and magenta are the sign of auspiciousness, health, happiness and luck. Hence, you should discuss the colour of the card before finalizing it.

3. Choose the right shape and size

A 4.5x 6.25 inches rectangular card is the conventional size and shapes for wedding invites. But nowadays, couples channel more playful and innovative designs with scalloped, circle and square invites. You can steer away from the normal envelope size and go for extra-large or a little small invite.

4. Compare your different options

When you are choosing your card, then it is advisable to compare the different card online at two or more stores. Look out for the design, paper quality, delivery time as well as price. Choose the best deal available for you with regards to the design, delivery and shipping options. Never compromise on the paper design and quality, and always choose uniqueness.

5. Try to keep your card as legible as possible

Once the colour, pattern and designs are in check, lay stress on the text too. Usually, card printers choose light ink on dark background and dark ink on light backgrounds. Pastel colours are tough to read so make sure the background is in enough contrast to make the words pop up. Do not choose extra-scripted typeface fonts and sacrifice the readability of the letters.

6. Choose your words cautiously

Use the power of words to speak the story of your heart. Select the text which is different from casual and put the words from your heart and get them printed on the wedding cards.

7. Get a sample card first

It is advisable for you to order a sample card first and double-check the design, format, text, names, location, dates and times properly. Apart from it, check the colours, paper quality and everything else in the sample card so that you can place the bulk order.

8. Begin early

Make sure you place your order for a card at least 3-4 weeks before the event. It will not just make the invitation process easier on you, but also help you in keeping space, in case of any changes you need to do.

9. Get the dates correct

Put the RSVP info on the bottom right corner of the card and make the deadline not less than 3 weeks after the guest have received the invite. The more likely you offer time to guests to reply, the more likely they can forget.

10. Consider the cost

Find out the per invite cost of the card and the bulk order cost. The cost depends on the design, printing procedure, paper quality, quantity, ink and typeface, printing technique and more. Hence, research your options and choose the most sophisticated printing for you.


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