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Lay your hands on the latest trend of scroll wedding invitations

Weddings mark the beginning of a journey of two beautiful souls and create lifetime memories. It is a lifetime event and calls for an elegant…

How Will Covid-19 Affect Weddings Even After It Is Gone?

Introduction  As it tries to come into grips with the pandemic situation that has put the whole world on hold, couples all over the world…

Indian Wedding Invitation Etiquettes for Different Religions

A Wedding Invitation isn’t a simple piece of paper. It mirrors the tone of your Nuptial to your visitors. The direct practical plans of Indian…

Best Honeymoon Destinations For Adventurous People

Here is the list of some of the best honeymoon destination for couples who love adventure.

Impress Your Guests With These Fantastic Muslim Wedding Cards Designs

An Islamic wedding, also known as nikaah, is a combination of age-old traditions, rich customs and rituals. Every ritual has its own meaning and importance…

Use Scroll Wedding Cards and celebrate the occasion like the royals

Many times we see in movies that the Maharajas, Kings, and Sultans exchange written communications with each other through Scrolls. Some even name it as…

Exquisite Places to Have a Wedding of Dreams

If you are looking for a destination wedding venue, the following ideas might help you out:

All about Hindu wedding invitations

Hindu wedding invitations are the mark of hindu rituals running for more than 1000 years. These are the sign of eternal bonding and blessing from the…

Ideal Wedding
Ideal Wedding Date as per Different Communities of India

Here we have discussed the different beliefs of different communities of India in deciding the ideal wedding date:

Wedding Gift Ideas For Couple

I have put in plain words about some of the finest gift ideas in this article.

Indian Wedding Cards
7 Interesting Facts About Indian Weddings

rom why does the Indian wedding cards are offered to god first to how Indians tie knot.

All about Indian wedding cards

Wedding cards are a heritage. It is in the culture since the medieval period—the wedding cards known as “nimantran Patra,” which means an invitation letter…